B Words

Max is starting to say more words.  In the past few days he's said: baby, bye bye, puck, wa-wa, ball, boo, boom...he has a thing for B words.  He's been calling Ian "Da", well it's more like "Daaaaaaaaa". 

Max's tantrums are also getting more like I-can't-believe-my-kid-is-doing-this tantrum.  We went to Happy Hour on Friday and we're sitting there and Max was upset about something and he picked up both hands and then slammed them on the table.  Hard.  THEN when he was finished with his food, he picked up the plate and thew it.  It hit another plate on our table and startled Ian.  Funny, but not really.  At home when he gets mad he'll throw himself down on the floor and bang his hands.  How do kids learn this?  It's not like Ian and I are having tantrums.  We may want to at times, but I can honestly say we do not throw ourselves down and bang on the floor.  When Max does this it kind of shocks me.  I never know what to do either.  I don't pick him up.  I just let him cry and usually after a few seconds he'll stop, but still.  How do toddlers get out of throwing tantrums?  I only pray he doesn't have a full out tantrum in public.  Wishful thinking, I know. :)

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