Bad Day

Oh my poor Max.  He has pink eye.  In not one, but BOTH eyes.  Sad.  Putting drops in his eyes is torture, not only for him but me because he kicks.  It's less of a challenge when Ian's here and he can hold him down.  That's not the bad day part.  He was playing last night and he slipped and fell down.  He was crying and Ian was calming him down.  There was blood.  I then freaked out and we took him to the bathroom to clean him up. We got him into his pjs and he was our happy little man.  Then somehow Ian noticed that Max chipped his tooth!  His poor, tiny front tooth is now missing a piece from it.  We both freaked out and didn't know what to do.  I, of course, called the one person who knows all.  My mom.  I was in tears and was just feeling awful.  My poor baby!  By this time Max is playing and having a grand ole' time like nothing happened.  My little man....he's such a good baby.  He lost half his tooth and you wouldn't know by looking at him. 

We took him to the doctor for his eyes, and turns out his throat is red.  The doc put him on antibiotics.  Ayyy!  Then we went to the dentist.  I think he was scared of the mask, but he didn't want anything to do with him.  The dentist said that there isn't really anything to do for him at this age.  We'll have to go back when he's 2 or 3.  He did leave there with a Cars toothbrush and big boy toothpaste.  :)

Now he's napping and I still can't shake that awful feeling...I don't want Max to have to go to the doctors again for a long while.  Sheeesh!

Waiting to see the dr. for his little eyes.

Max's first trip to the dentist...if only it was for a cleaning.

Hmm...I might bite you!

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