Today we finally cut Max's hair.  :(  I liked him with his curly hair.  Yes, it was getting a bit long and it was a mess most of the time, but it was curly and cute.  He had "hockey" hair.   He was a super star while getting his hair cut.  He was babbling and so flippin' adorable.  With all his curls gone, he looks so grown up.  Very sharp as Ian likes to say.  :) 

Oh those curls... 
Mommy...what did you do to my hair?

Max Facts
-Bubbles.  Max loves playing with bubbles.  I know I think everything he does is cute, but watching him get excited when a bubble floats to him.  It's beyond cute.  He loves bubbles so much though that all day today he's been saying "bubbles".  He'll say it over and over again.
-Run.  Well really it's him just walking really fast.  Since this speed walking has started, he's been falling a lot more.  With falling comes bumps and bruises.  My poor little man.  He needs to learn to slow down!
-"Step-stool".  Max has this soother machine that's circle shape.  He loves it, and recently figured out that if he stands on it he is taller.  Ian found him stepping on it, trying to get in the shower this morning.  Yikes!! 
-Candy.  Ian and I don't like to give Max candy or anything that he doesn't really need.  He is only one, and call me crazy, but I don't want him all sugared out.  With Halloween and his trick or treating, I thought he could have a taste of the yummy goodness we call chocolate.  I gave him a bite of a Kit Kat, and he loved it! (just like his Mommy)  :)

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