Family Picture

I have to take pictures again Mommy?

Last night we went to JcPenny to take our family pictures for Christmas cards.  We started off with individual pictures of Max.  That boy loves the camera.  He was pretty much awesome.  That and the photographer was really good.  She moved quickly and Max only had one breakdown, because he was just so excited to see his Daddy and wanted to be held    There was one pose where I had to put on these sleeves and white gloves to act like Santa.  She had me working!  When we took our family pictures, he was a rock star and smiled up a storm.  Ian did a great job too. :)   They sucker you in when purchasing the packages.  We stuck to our guns though and just bought what we were there for...of course forgetting to buy a family photo for us!!  They turned out really great though, and I'm so excited to be sending them off in the mail! 

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