I went to my first NFL game when I was 23ish...or around there.  I can't remember the exact year.  Max went to his first NFL game yesterday.  We started off with tailgating, where Ian and I failed at getting ready for this activity.  We did not bring his stroller or any toys for him to play with.  Fail, fail, FAIL.  We gave him a taste of freedom by letting him run around.  He LOVED this and went to other peoples tailgates and tried to charm them with his smile.   Didn't work too well because we were surrounded by Cardinals or Rams fans and he was wearing his Steelers onesie.  :)  Sorry, but I just couldn't dress him in Cardinals gear...

We went into the game and Max fell asleep.  I shouldn't have expected any different, because Max always sleeps through his first time encounters, concert, hockey game, as so on.  He slept through the first half and then woke up ready to play.  He had no interest what so ever in the football game.  Honestly, neither did I.  It was a boring game.  We left right after the 3rd quarter, and wouldn't you know the game took an exciting turn.  Oh well.  Max had much more fun playing at home. :)

We had no toys, but we found an unopened toothbrush that
Ian had gotten from his dentist.  Max had so much fun brushing
his teeth, and pulling it out which caused his spit to fly out
with it.  He laughed, and I kept saying "Ewww!!"  It was great. :)

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