So Ready!

I went to my fave store (Target) today after picking up Max.  We walked in and went to check out the Halloween stuff that's 90% off.  We passed Christmas decorations and Max went crazy!  He was so excited with the lights and music. Ah! Makes me so excited for Christmas! Back to Halloween...I found not one but two costumes for Max when he's older.  Score!  No more waiting until the day before Halloween to get his costume.  I'll be shopping the week after Halloween! 

Another I bought was snack that Max loves.  I saw on one of the blogs I follow that she gives her daughter, who is a couple months older than Max, those Gerber squeezable pouches. We bought one for him yesterday to take tailgating.  1. Max loved it. 2. It's super easy to take anywhere. 3. Max can feed himself and not get messy.  If it makes Max happy, it makes this mama happy! 

Quick funny story.  Well I found it funny, but you might not.  I'll share anyway!  I went to pick up Max today for his school and I walked into his room.  I looked all over and didn't see him there.  I even asked his teacher where he was!  I looked down and Max was there with raised arms, wanting to be picked up.  I forgot we cut his hair!  He looks so different!  That won't happen again! 

Mmm..this is so good Mommy!

His costumes.  I'm so ready for next year! 

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