Max in January.
Max in December.

Another year is coming to an end, and what a great year it has been.  It's crazy to think just how much has changed this year.

Family- Our families grew this year with the additions of Aubrianna, Ella, and Peighton.  It was the year of girls.  I think next year will be the year of boys.  With the joy of these beautiful girls, came the sadness of losing a loved one.  There isn't a day that goes by that Patrick isn't missed or thought of by family and friends.

Friends- Wonderful friendships were started this year, and some faded.  That's how it goes sometimes, but  people are brought into our lives for a reason.  Life lessons.   Some friends we don't see nearly enough, and in the new year I hope to be a better friend.

Work- hmm...this year has been a challenge.  My classroom is the revolving door, and it makes it hard. Working with the 3rd grade team though has been wonderful.  I love those ladies, and they make my days better at work.   I'm 95% certain that this is the last year I will be in room 46.  2012 brings a new chapter to my book of work. :)

Max- This wonderful boy has changed so much this year.  He went from crawling, to wobbly walking, to an independent walking little man.  He mimics, talks, and lets us know when he doesn't like something.  He is a sweet boy who has my heart.  I L.O.V.E. him.  He started at a new school this year, and we're all much happier at PCA.  He's learned so much, and continues to learn more each day!

Ian- This year marks year 3 of marriage, and when I think about that magical day it seems like just yesterday.  (I wonder if he'd say the same? :))  Each day he amazes me with his love and determination to work hard for our family. He is such a hard worker, and maybe works too much, but that's just how he is.  He put on his hockey skates this year, and it's so fun to see him get excited about playing hockey.  I'm sure there's more of that this coming year.  Ohhh and this coming year he turns the big 3-0!! (So do I, but he turns 30 before me...that is what's important here.)  I L.O.V.E. him too. ;)

Me- This year my resolution was to run a half marathon and it didn't happen.  Fail.  It's still going to be my resolution for the coming year, but I don't think I'll share when I'm going to do this big run.  I'll share after!  2011 was a fabulous year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2012 holds for us.

Happy New Year friends!!  May 2012 be full of joy and happiness for you and your family!


Max vs Punch-It

Look at the picture I came across. L.O.V.E.
Reading with my Uncle and Auntie.
Uncle look at baby! 

 Max vs Superhero Punch-It


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays


I <3 my parent's Christmas tree, and village.  

Max was exhausted.

Yay!!!  Thanks Mom and Dad! Now I can sip on some coffee
and bake something using my mixer! 

This Christmas has been amazing!  I'm so glad we got to spend it with my family.  Max has so much fun unwrapping gifts, and we had so much fun watching him.  Truly, Christmas isn't about what you get, but who you spend it with.  We are  blessed to have such a wonderful family.   In the words from *Nsync...Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!


Christmas Part 1

This Christmas we're going to Las Cruces to spend it with my family.  It's so crazy to think that last Christmas we were in Alaska with Ian's family, and Max was only 4 months.  Now he's a 16 month old chatter box, who is growing up to be a wonderful little boy. 

Last night we had our family Christmas.  There's a game tonight and we leave for LC in the morning, so it was the perfect night to celebrate as a family of 3.  Max loved unwrapping his gifts.  The joy on his face was amazing to see.  


Checking out his ornament from Pap-pap and Mum-mum.

Trying on Daddy's helmet.

I got Ian a North Carolina pub table with 2 stools.

I got one!!  John and Pat surprised me with a mixer!

He went to Jared.

If Mother Nature is nice the roads will be open for us tomorrow, and it won't snow on our trip....please oh please.   I'm so excited to see my family!



This has been an eventful weekend for our family.  Saturday consisted of playing, naps, hockey game, ice cream, and happy hour.  Sunday was full of playing, naps, football game, more naps, and more playing.

Saturday Ian had to go to work early, so Max and I played with all his toys in the living room, and made a mess.  Then we made a tent with a blanket and went camping on the couch, which turned into a lovely nap.  Once we were rested we went to watch the Yotes play some hockey.  Max was spoiled by Daddy who got him some ice cream.  I'm not sure who loved it more, but both boys were happy.  We ended the night with happy hour where Max got a kick out of throwing crayons, straws, and his Alvin toy.  Fun stuff let me tell you!

Today Max and I started our morning with saying words. His new word that he can't get enough of is 'owie'.  We let Daddy sleep and played in the living room.  He threw some legos, made a couple slam dunks, and then had me read Elmo's First Book of Colors...I'm seriously going to hide this book.   We also went to the Cardinals game today.  They played the Browns, so I couldn't believe we even went to see the game.  We're walking around and the Browns fans were barking.  I'm not kidding.  Grown men barking.  Their significant others are some lucky ladies.  Thank goodness the Cards beat them.

So Tuesday Max is going to be in his first Christmas concert.  There will be video.  You might hear me gushing about how unbelievably cute Max is, and you might hear giggles.  You've been warned!


Watching the Yotes play, and double fisting some apples.

My Loves. :)

Max and his "Mo" after the Cardinals game.


Our Tree

Our tree.

This year Ian asked me if I wanted a real tree. My response was, "ummm what if there's a squirrel in it?" Christmas Vacation. I LOVE that movie, and this weekend I saw it was on and turned to watch it. It was on my fav scene with the squirrel! I was laughing so hard I think I may have frightened Max! Maybe next year we can get a real tree.....maybe.


The Return of Mr. Fussypants

Yesterday was Ian's Holiday Party, which I always love because we get to ice skate and see the Yotes players.  I have to admit I feel like a little girl who has just seen Justin Bieber.  I want to scream, but I keep my cool.  :)  Yesterday Taylor Pyatt was right beside us.  I texted a friend and I said, "Taylor Pyatt!!!! I'm dying!!!"  Then Max and I came face to face with BizNasty himself and I just about died again.  Awww...good times. 

Max, or should I say Mr. Fussypants, was very different from the 3 1/2 month old we took last year.  When he got on the ice, he loved it!  Ian took him around like the pro skater that he is, and I skated holding on to the side of the wall.  I was not going to fall in front of the players!  ;)  When we would take Max off the ice, he would throw a tantrum.  He would squirm, throw his head back, and cry!  So I did what any mom would do in this situation.  I lured him off with a cookie!  I'm not usually a fan of oatmeal cookies, but both Max and I were in love

While Ian skated some more, Max and I took off to explore.  We actually were just walking back and forth, and racing each other.  Max tried to get into a cart to drive off, and I informed him that he couldn't drive until he was 16, and he threw a fit.  Mr. Fussypants was out in full force.

We went up to eat, and Max was not having it.  He wanted nothing to do with the food.  We went to walk around the suite level and he found something he loved to play with.  The water fountain!  The joy he got from pushing the button was hilarious.  He would push it, see the water come out, clap his hands, and then run away laughing like a crazy person.  Max and I left shortly after that because he was a hot mess.   I'm not sure if he's teething or just in a tantrum kind of phase.   Either way, the past two nights have been exhausting! 

The return of Mr. Fussypants!

Ohh this is pretty cool Daddy!

Hmm..this is cold.  Can I eat it?

I want down!!



Holiday Party 2011 <3

This button is fun to push!


Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping for Max is beyond fun!  Every outing that I go on seems to turn into shopping for him.  Ian and I had a blast picking out his big gift.  We got him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bike!  It's a 3 in 1 bikes that changes as he grows.  We also tried to stick with educational toys.  Before Christmas Ian and I are going to donate a lot of Max's toys that he doesn't play with anymore.  I tell you his toys just keep multiplying!  They are still in really good shape, so the next set of little hands that get to play with them won't know the different.

I know Christmas isn't about the gifts that you give, but I have to tell you I want to give Max everything that he needs.  Granted he doesn't need toys, but seeing that smile when he gets something he likes is priceless.  This year Ian picked two kiddos off his giving tree at work for us to get gifts for, and I want to spoil these kids as well. I have no clue who they are, but they are children who deserve to have that priceless smile on their little faces come Christmas.   To know that we're helping to make their Christmas special....it makes me happy and feel good.

-Max Facts-
~Mommy.  Max now says "Mommy" when referring to me, and I LOVE it.   He'll also just say it over and over again.  It goes like this.  Max- Mommy.  Me- What?  Max- Mommy?  Me-What? Over and over again.  :)
~Race.  Max knows that when you say "On your mark, get set, go!" to run!  It's really cute to watch.  He'll start to yell "Gooooooooo!"  after he does it awhile.
~Books. Max is all about books.  Lately it's all about Elmo's First Colors Book.  He'll bring it over to us to read, and he'll want us to read it over and over again.  We try and get him to pick other books, but he's stuck on Elmo.
~Fresh Beat Band.  Max loves The Fresh Beat Band.  It's the one show that he'll stop and actually watch. 

This was taken on our way home yesterday.  I thought it was pretty enough to share.

This is what I'm talking about!

Ohh! What's that over there? 

I'm Super Max!!

Just kidding Daddy!  It's me, Max!


My Boys

I love my boys.  This was them last night.  Max came to his Daddy with a book and demanded that he read it to him.  It's really cute when Max does this.  He brings a book over and you are expected to stop what you're doing and read to him.  He'll crawl up into your lap and wait for you to begin.  He's gotten so excited with the story a couple nights ago that he tore a page out! 

Tonight, it's chilly out.  It's only going to be 8:00, and both my boys are sleeping.  Ian's not feeling good.  Poor guy.  Max was just super tired with a side of cranky!   So what am I doing with both boys sleeping?  Watching football and typing this blog.  Shoot, I think I'll be going to bed here in awhile as well.   Today was a rough one.  My students are ready for Winter Break, and so am I!! 

I could go on about my rough day, but when I read blogs like this, it reminds me to stop and remember that someone always has it worse.  In this case, it's MUCH worse.  Sometimes it's so easy to complain, or I like to call it venting.  Really though, I should have nothing to complain about...even my students that I would have gladly given away to another teacher today.  I'm so thankful that I have a healthy son sleeping in the next room, and a healthy (just has a cold) husband sleeping on the couch next to me.  

If you went to the link to the Fitzgerald blog...say a prayer for his family. 


Jump On It

For my birthday Ian got me Just Dance 3.  We played it tonight, and this was what Max was doing while we were showing off our dance moves.   <3



Well....pre-birthday celebration started Thursday night.  We went over to a friend's house to watch the Yotes game.  These friends are from Canada, and when they heard I love Caesars (the drink) they wanted to make me one.  The right way, because here in the States they don't make a true Caesar.  OMG, it was the BEST Caesar I have ever had!  Talk about yummy!  The visit was great, but the Yotes lost to the Jets.  Boo!

Ian gave me my presents last night because that how we roll in our house. :)  He knows I can't wait until my actual bday to open gifts.  I could, but I get like a little kid on Christmas.  He was pretty sneaky and got me things off a list that I had sent him to give to his parents for Christmas.   He got me a girly gym bag (which I LOVE), a cozy robe, THE Betty Crocker cookbook, cozy socks, and Just Dance (which I'm really excited about, because I love the commercial for this game.).  Spoiled.  I know.

I started off my morning with *Nsync Christmas cd and a free Starbucks.  The perfect way to start my morning.   I got to school, and when my kiddos got here they spoiled me with gifts and cards.  Pretty darn cute.  One of my kiddos got me a Twilight card because she's knows I'm Team Edward.  It's pretty amazing.                

From my student. :)  It came with Edward stickers. Haha!

Our friend's, Rachel and Eric, were wonderful and offered to watch Max while we went to dinner.  They have a precious, sweet, little girl who goes by the name Natalie.  She's so tiny and holding her confirmed my wanting another baby.  Ahh so cute!   I was a little nervous about leaving Max because I was worried that he would cry and misbehave.  I had planned to bring a bag of toys to keep him occupied, but I forgot them.  Way to go mom!  Lucky for Max they had something better than toys.  Dogs! 

We went to dinner at Benihana with Jakub and Mel.  Dinner there is always ah-mazing! I had a yummy blue drink there..well two, and was full before eating most of my dinner.   They were going to box it up for me to bring home, but one of the workers cleared the table before she could, so they made me a whole new dinner!  Score!  Now I have some yummy food for lunch today!  We then went to Westgate for a drink.  I had a Duck Fart.  Ha!  That's what it's called.  Ian said it was pretty good, so I took his word for it.  Umm....NO.  It was way too strong and my throat was burning.  I thought I was breathing fire!  Bleh!  I don't see anymore Duck Farts in my future. 
We ended the night picking up our little man.  He got rave reviews from Rachel and Eric.  :)  I, of course, let her know that I would babysit Miss Natalie whenever she wanted! 

I had a GREAT birthday.  I felt very loved by family and friends.   So to those that wished me a happy birthday, THANK YOU!!



Today is my birthday!!  I turn the big 2-9...woah my last year in the twenties.   I remember watching 13 Going On 30, and thinking 30 was just old.  I was so foolish.  :)  When you're young you have no concept of age.  Just ask a 3rd grader. 

29 facts
1. I love the Gilmore Girls and can watch every episode over and over again.  At mine and Ian's wedding I danced with my mom to the GG theme song.  Rory and I could totally be BFFs.
2.  Black olives make me want to gag.  They look like fart bugs or you may know them as stink bugs.  Either way they are gross looking and I don't know how people eat them.  Bleh.
3. I love the state of Colorado and always feel at "home" when I'm there.  I only lived there for 2 years, but made great friends there that are still part of my life.
4.  I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in 2nd grade.  Thank you Mrs. Romo.
5.  I met Ian on April Fool's Day....our relationship is no joke. (haha!)
6.  I hate (with a passion) speaking in front of people.  I get nervous, sweaty, and I just plain don't like it.
7. My favorite holiday memory is singing songs at my Grandma Molly's with my cousins, waiting for it to get dark so we could open gifts.
8.  My fav gift of all time was when my dad gave me like 8 Sweet Valley University books.
9.  I sadly love celebrity gossip.
10.  I could eat Chipotle everyday.  When I first moved to AZ I ate it so much that I gave it up for lent.  There is such a thing as too much Chipotle.
11. I have terrible addiction to Starbucks.  Green tea (unsweetened) is my fav drink.
12. I love hockey, and I finally understood the rules of the game when I watched the Yotes vs the Redwings and our priest explained what was going on. 
13.  I have every Giada cookbook, and have only cooked two of her recipes. 
14.  I was on Bill Nye the Science Guy when I was in 9th grade.  I had this striped green and white shirt that was my fav...I was so uncool.
15.  I won the Spelling Bee when I was in 5th grade.
16. Being a mom is the BEST thing in the world.
17.  Ian and I watch way too much reality tv.
18.  I'm Team Edward.
19.  I can't handle the bottoms of my feet being touched, so pedicures are torture for that part.   I'm getting better...I think,
20.My BFF's name is Jennifer.  She's Jenn and I'm Jen, and at one time she dated someone named Ian.  
21. I talk to my mom just about every day.
22. I could listen to *NSYNC's Christmas cd every day of the year. 
23. I share a bday with Britney Spears...this was cool before she had her meltdown.
24.  I love Alaska in the winter and wouldn't mind living there.
25. I know you're not suppose to, but I've had a favorite student every year that I've taught.
26.  I hate baseball.  It's the most boring sport to watch.
27.  I'm ready for baby #2.
28. I love pickles.   When I was younger my cousins and I would play church with pickles and the juice.  We were weird.
29.  My dream job would be to own my own children's bookstore. (like on You've Got Mail.)

Sheesh!  Coming up with 29 facts about me was kinda tough, but fun remembering things.  I'm not sure what Ian and Max have planned for me today, but I'll be sure to share!!  Happy Friday!!