Today is my birthday!!  I turn the big 2-9...woah my last year in the twenties.   I remember watching 13 Going On 30, and thinking 30 was just old.  I was so foolish.  :)  When you're young you have no concept of age.  Just ask a 3rd grader. 

29 facts
1. I love the Gilmore Girls and can watch every episode over and over again.  At mine and Ian's wedding I danced with my mom to the GG theme song.  Rory and I could totally be BFFs.
2.  Black olives make me want to gag.  They look like fart bugs or you may know them as stink bugs.  Either way they are gross looking and I don't know how people eat them.  Bleh.
3. I love the state of Colorado and always feel at "home" when I'm there.  I only lived there for 2 years, but made great friends there that are still part of my life.
4.  I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in 2nd grade.  Thank you Mrs. Romo.
5.  I met Ian on April Fool's Day....our relationship is no joke. (haha!)
6.  I hate (with a passion) speaking in front of people.  I get nervous, sweaty, and I just plain don't like it.
7. My favorite holiday memory is singing songs at my Grandma Molly's with my cousins, waiting for it to get dark so we could open gifts.
8.  My fav gift of all time was when my dad gave me like 8 Sweet Valley University books.
9.  I sadly love celebrity gossip.
10.  I could eat Chipotle everyday.  When I first moved to AZ I ate it so much that I gave it up for lent.  There is such a thing as too much Chipotle.
11. I have terrible addiction to Starbucks.  Green tea (unsweetened) is my fav drink.
12. I love hockey, and I finally understood the rules of the game when I watched the Yotes vs the Redwings and our priest explained what was going on. 
13.  I have every Giada cookbook, and have only cooked two of her recipes. 
14.  I was on Bill Nye the Science Guy when I was in 9th grade.  I had this striped green and white shirt that was my fav...I was so uncool.
15.  I won the Spelling Bee when I was in 5th grade.
16. Being a mom is the BEST thing in the world.
17.  Ian and I watch way too much reality tv.
18.  I'm Team Edward.
19.  I can't handle the bottoms of my feet being touched, so pedicures are torture for that part.   I'm getting better...I think,
20.My BFF's name is Jennifer.  She's Jenn and I'm Jen, and at one time she dated someone named Ian.  
21. I talk to my mom just about every day.
22. I could listen to *NSYNC's Christmas cd every day of the year. 
23. I share a bday with Britney Spears...this was cool before she had her meltdown.
24.  I love Alaska in the winter and wouldn't mind living there.
25. I know you're not suppose to, but I've had a favorite student every year that I've taught.
26.  I hate baseball.  It's the most boring sport to watch.
27.  I'm ready for baby #2.
28. I love pickles.   When I was younger my cousins and I would play church with pickles and the juice.  We were weird.
29.  My dream job would be to own my own children's bookstore. (like on You've Got Mail.)

Sheesh!  Coming up with 29 facts about me was kinda tough, but fun remembering things.  I'm not sure what Ian and Max have planned for me today, but I'll be sure to share!!  Happy Friday!!


  1. Analise12/02/2011

    i agree about baseball and yes! bring on baby #2!! :)
    happy b-day again


  2. Jennifer12/02/2011

    :) Thank you!!