Well....pre-birthday celebration started Thursday night.  We went over to a friend's house to watch the Yotes game.  These friends are from Canada, and when they heard I love Caesars (the drink) they wanted to make me one.  The right way, because here in the States they don't make a true Caesar.  OMG, it was the BEST Caesar I have ever had!  Talk about yummy!  The visit was great, but the Yotes lost to the Jets.  Boo!

Ian gave me my presents last night because that how we roll in our house. :)  He knows I can't wait until my actual bday to open gifts.  I could, but I get like a little kid on Christmas.  He was pretty sneaky and got me things off a list that I had sent him to give to his parents for Christmas.   He got me a girly gym bag (which I LOVE), a cozy robe, THE Betty Crocker cookbook, cozy socks, and Just Dance (which I'm really excited about, because I love the commercial for this game.).  Spoiled.  I know.

I started off my morning with *Nsync Christmas cd and a free Starbucks.  The perfect way to start my morning.   I got to school, and when my kiddos got here they spoiled me with gifts and cards.  Pretty darn cute.  One of my kiddos got me a Twilight card because she's knows I'm Team Edward.  It's pretty amazing.                

From my student. :)  It came with Edward stickers. Haha!

Our friend's, Rachel and Eric, were wonderful and offered to watch Max while we went to dinner.  They have a precious, sweet, little girl who goes by the name Natalie.  She's so tiny and holding her confirmed my wanting another baby.  Ahh so cute!   I was a little nervous about leaving Max because I was worried that he would cry and misbehave.  I had planned to bring a bag of toys to keep him occupied, but I forgot them.  Way to go mom!  Lucky for Max they had something better than toys.  Dogs! 

We went to dinner at Benihana with Jakub and Mel.  Dinner there is always ah-mazing! I had a yummy blue drink there..well two, and was full before eating most of my dinner.   They were going to box it up for me to bring home, but one of the workers cleared the table before she could, so they made me a whole new dinner!  Score!  Now I have some yummy food for lunch today!  We then went to Westgate for a drink.  I had a Duck Fart.  Ha!  That's what it's called.  Ian said it was pretty good, so I took his word for it.  Umm....NO.  It was way too strong and my throat was burning.  I thought I was breathing fire!  Bleh!  I don't see anymore Duck Farts in my future. 
We ended the night picking up our little man.  He got rave reviews from Rachel and Eric.  :)  I, of course, let her know that I would babysit Miss Natalie whenever she wanted! 

I had a GREAT birthday.  I felt very loved by family and friends.   So to those that wished me a happy birthday, THANK YOU!!

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