This has been an eventful weekend for our family.  Saturday consisted of playing, naps, hockey game, ice cream, and happy hour.  Sunday was full of playing, naps, football game, more naps, and more playing.

Saturday Ian had to go to work early, so Max and I played with all his toys in the living room, and made a mess.  Then we made a tent with a blanket and went camping on the couch, which turned into a lovely nap.  Once we were rested we went to watch the Yotes play some hockey.  Max was spoiled by Daddy who got him some ice cream.  I'm not sure who loved it more, but both boys were happy.  We ended the night with happy hour where Max got a kick out of throwing crayons, straws, and his Alvin toy.  Fun stuff let me tell you!

Today Max and I started our morning with saying words. His new word that he can't get enough of is 'owie'.  We let Daddy sleep and played in the living room.  He threw some legos, made a couple slam dunks, and then had me read Elmo's First Book of Colors...I'm seriously going to hide this book.   We also went to the Cardinals game today.  They played the Browns, so I couldn't believe we even went to see the game.  We're walking around and the Browns fans were barking.  I'm not kidding.  Grown men barking.  Their significant others are some lucky ladies.  Thank goodness the Cards beat them.

So Tuesday Max is going to be in his first Christmas concert.  There will be video.  You might hear me gushing about how unbelievably cute Max is, and you might hear giggles.  You've been warned!


Watching the Yotes play, and double fisting some apples.

My Loves. :)

Max and his "Mo" after the Cardinals game.

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