Christmas Part 1

This Christmas we're going to Las Cruces to spend it with my family.  It's so crazy to think that last Christmas we were in Alaska with Ian's family, and Max was only 4 months.  Now he's a 16 month old chatter box, who is growing up to be a wonderful little boy. 

Last night we had our family Christmas.  There's a game tonight and we leave for LC in the morning, so it was the perfect night to celebrate as a family of 3.  Max loved unwrapping his gifts.  The joy on his face was amazing to see.  


Checking out his ornament from Pap-pap and Mum-mum.

Trying on Daddy's helmet.

I got Ian a North Carolina pub table with 2 stools.

I got one!!  John and Pat surprised me with a mixer!

He went to Jared.

If Mother Nature is nice the roads will be open for us tomorrow, and it won't snow on our trip....please oh please.   I'm so excited to see my family!

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