Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping for Max is beyond fun!  Every outing that I go on seems to turn into shopping for him.  Ian and I had a blast picking out his big gift.  We got him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bike!  It's a 3 in 1 bikes that changes as he grows.  We also tried to stick with educational toys.  Before Christmas Ian and I are going to donate a lot of Max's toys that he doesn't play with anymore.  I tell you his toys just keep multiplying!  They are still in really good shape, so the next set of little hands that get to play with them won't know the different.

I know Christmas isn't about the gifts that you give, but I have to tell you I want to give Max everything that he needs.  Granted he doesn't need toys, but seeing that smile when he gets something he likes is priceless.  This year Ian picked two kiddos off his giving tree at work for us to get gifts for, and I want to spoil these kids as well. I have no clue who they are, but they are children who deserve to have that priceless smile on their little faces come Christmas.   To know that we're helping to make their Christmas special....it makes me happy and feel good.

-Max Facts-
~Mommy.  Max now says "Mommy" when referring to me, and I LOVE it.   He'll also just say it over and over again.  It goes like this.  Max- Mommy.  Me- What?  Max- Mommy?  Me-What? Over and over again.  :)
~Race.  Max knows that when you say "On your mark, get set, go!" to run!  It's really cute to watch.  He'll start to yell "Gooooooooo!"  after he does it awhile.
~Books. Max is all about books.  Lately it's all about Elmo's First Colors Book.  He'll bring it over to us to read, and he'll want us to read it over and over again.  We try and get him to pick other books, but he's stuck on Elmo.
~Fresh Beat Band.  Max loves The Fresh Beat Band.  It's the one show that he'll stop and actually watch. 

This was taken on our way home yesterday.  I thought it was pretty enough to share.

This is what I'm talking about!

Ohh! What's that over there? 

I'm Super Max!!

Just kidding Daddy!  It's me, Max!

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  1. Analise12/13/2011

    haha Simon was like that with a Thomas the Train Engine Book! Pretty sure our whole family had that book memorized because we read it to him so much :)