My Boys

I love my boys.  This was them last night.  Max came to his Daddy with a book and demanded that he read it to him.  It's really cute when Max does this.  He brings a book over and you are expected to stop what you're doing and read to him.  He'll crawl up into your lap and wait for you to begin.  He's gotten so excited with the story a couple nights ago that he tore a page out! 

Tonight, it's chilly out.  It's only going to be 8:00, and both my boys are sleeping.  Ian's not feeling good.  Poor guy.  Max was just super tired with a side of cranky!   So what am I doing with both boys sleeping?  Watching football and typing this blog.  Shoot, I think I'll be going to bed here in awhile as well.   Today was a rough one.  My students are ready for Winter Break, and so am I!! 

I could go on about my rough day, but when I read blogs like this, it reminds me to stop and remember that someone always has it worse.  In this case, it's MUCH worse.  Sometimes it's so easy to complain, or I like to call it venting.  Really though, I should have nothing to complain about...even my students that I would have gladly given away to another teacher today.  I'm so thankful that I have a healthy son sleeping in the next room, and a healthy (just has a cold) husband sleeping on the couch next to me.  

If you went to the link to the Fitzgerald blog...say a prayer for his family. 

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