The Return of Mr. Fussypants

Yesterday was Ian's Holiday Party, which I always love because we get to ice skate and see the Yotes players.  I have to admit I feel like a little girl who has just seen Justin Bieber.  I want to scream, but I keep my cool.  :)  Yesterday Taylor Pyatt was right beside us.  I texted a friend and I said, "Taylor Pyatt!!!! I'm dying!!!"  Then Max and I came face to face with BizNasty himself and I just about died again.  Awww...good times. 

Max, or should I say Mr. Fussypants, was very different from the 3 1/2 month old we took last year.  When he got on the ice, he loved it!  Ian took him around like the pro skater that he is, and I skated holding on to the side of the wall.  I was not going to fall in front of the players!  ;)  When we would take Max off the ice, he would throw a tantrum.  He would squirm, throw his head back, and cry!  So I did what any mom would do in this situation.  I lured him off with a cookie!  I'm not usually a fan of oatmeal cookies, but both Max and I were in love

While Ian skated some more, Max and I took off to explore.  We actually were just walking back and forth, and racing each other.  Max tried to get into a cart to drive off, and I informed him that he couldn't drive until he was 16, and he threw a fit.  Mr. Fussypants was out in full force.

We went up to eat, and Max was not having it.  He wanted nothing to do with the food.  We went to walk around the suite level and he found something he loved to play with.  The water fountain!  The joy he got from pushing the button was hilarious.  He would push it, see the water come out, clap his hands, and then run away laughing like a crazy person.  Max and I left shortly after that because he was a hot mess.   I'm not sure if he's teething or just in a tantrum kind of phase.   Either way, the past two nights have been exhausting! 

The return of Mr. Fussypants!

Ohh this is pretty cool Daddy!

Hmm..this is cold.  Can I eat it?

I want down!!



Holiday Party 2011 <3

This button is fun to push!

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