No matter what Max is playing with, he always has to empty his bag of random toys. He either takes toys out one by one, or he'll just pick up the bag and turn it over. Today he had his "uh-oh" look when doing this, but don't be fooled. He knew exactly what he was doing. Now we just need to get him to consistently clean up his toys after making messes :) One day....

Weekend Adventures

From the top left going clockwise:
1. That's the new snazzy basketball court in the athletic center. Our friend Mike gave us the grand tour of the athletic center.  It was super nice! 
2. Family photo with the new snazzy court behind us.  The facility had the brand new car smell.  I could only take that smell for so long.  Bleh! We left and just missed seeing Flava Flav. (Did you say his name the way he says it?)
3.  Max was people watching at Planet Hollywood.  Need I say more?
4.  We went shopping at the outlet stores, and Max was tired after all his partying.
5.  Ian stayed out to 4:30 in the AM, and wanting to chat when he got back to the room about his winnings.  Let's just say I wasn't impressed and wanted to sleep.
6. Max looking at all the pretty lights from our room.

We walked from Treasure Island to Planet Hollywood and passed this lovely sight.

All in all we had a great trip!  We spent time with amazing friends.  Some we'll be seeing again in March when we go to  Lake Tahoe to celebrate Ian turning the big 3-0!


The Fresh Beat Band

Max LOVES TFBB.  When I put on an episode he'll watch from beginning to end.  We now dvr the series so we always have one on hand to watch.  He gets so excited when he sees it, and he'll dance to the music.  I find myself singing the songs, and they get stuck in your head!  Tuesday on my way to work I heard a commercial for TFBB concert.  WHAT?!  I was beyond excited because I know that Max will love it! Ian looked around and found tickets for us to go!  So next Friday Max and I will be jamming out and dancing to TFBB!  Expect pictures and maybe even video. :)


Mr. Independent

There are days where I look at Max and wonder, where did my little baby go?  He's so independent now, and I love that about him, but it makes me a tiny bit sad.  I could watch him for hours playing with his toys where he actually plays now.  There are times where he is up to something, and he thinks about things and has this look on his face.  Then he actually tries his idea and is so proud of himself.  This happened when he emptied out his toy container/box thing.  He pushed it to the chair, and then slowly started his climb to get to the chair.  He was so proud of himself when he was standing up.  He puts his arms in the air and does this victory dance.  Then he realized he might fall, so he sat down.  Just like that.   He's a smart boy I tell you! 

He's been saying, "Tank yu." which melts my heart.  He'll sign please when he wants something (usually Mommy or Daddy's food) and then sign for more if it's something really good.   On Tuesday he had his 16 month checkup.  He was such a trooper.   He was happy and had no idea he was about to get 4 shots and 1 finger prick.  Ouch!  He cried and was saying, "Mama, mama, mama."  Break my heart.  Ian was there so he did the holding down.  Tough job.  After a few seconds he was fine, but I felt so bad for him so after we went to Wendy's and got a small frosty that we shared.  Being that I had strep, I let him eat his part first, then I had the yummy rest.  Max kept saying, "Mmmm." and signing for more.  He can't shake this double ear infections, so he's on a different type of antibiotics this go around, and we have to go back in a couple weeks (again!).

Oh and the doctor talked to us about the paci because we gave it to Max during the appointment.  She said, "You're going to get those looks from people because your child has a pacifier, but I'd rather it be a pacifier then them sucking on their thumb."  Okay, so maybe I didn't get her word for word, but that was her gist.  She also said that when we're ready to take it away to cut the top off and it won't be the same for him.  Then little by little you cut the sucky part shorter and shorter until it's not there.  I thought that was a brilliant idea! 


Daddy Time

Surrounded by his toys that Ian had just cleaned up. :)
I love my bike Daddy!!
Where should we go on our bike ride?

I've been on my death bed for the past 3 days.  Okay, I'm exaggerating, but seriously I have strep throat and it's kicking my butt!  I've had it before, but this time around it's been rough.  All my senses are heightened.  The sunlight is so bright it hurts, Max's normally adorable laugh is now ridiculously loud to my ears, it hurts to brush my hair, my throat...oh my throat.  I don't even want to talk it hurts so bad. :(  I'm only on my second day of antibiotics, and I hope they start working soon.  I'm miserable, and you can't have miserable days as a Mommy.  I'm missing out on all the fun!  Boo!


Max's Pictures

Both Ian and I have iPhones, and Max knows how to work them. At first it was like, "Wow! That's impressive!" Now he deletes apps, updates Facebook statuses, sends text messages, and plays music! On Ian's iPad he knows how to start the slide show so he can look at pictures. It's not like we sit there and teach him this, so I think we have a genius on our hands! ;) His latest thing is taking pictures. To do this he has to unlock my phone, tap on the folder with the camera, tap on the camera, then take pictures. He's pretty good at all of that except taking pictures. He's still figuring that out.

 We need to work on his picture taking skills. :)

He can always make me smile. :)
Happy Friday Friends!!


Woah Baby!

On Friday night Ian, Max, I and had a staycation in Scottsdale.  We stayed at a modern hotel called The Saguaro.  It was bright and funky.  Even the workers there oozed "cool".  We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, where I enjoyed every last drink of my Bloody Maria.  Yes, Maria.  It was made with tequila.  Soooo amazingly good.  Max was the only baby there, and he, or should I say Mr. Fussypants, was there in full force.  Poor little guy.  He has a double ear infection, and a molar is coming in.  Miserable he is, and it's so sad to see. :(  We go back to the doctor next week to check on his ears, and for a 16 month checkup.  The staycation though was a lovely night.  Nice to "getaway" sometimes.

Saturday Max woke up at 6:30.  Much too early for me, so when we ventured home I ended up taking a nap.  Ian had to wake me up because he had to go to work.  I was a grumpalump and couldn't believe that Ian woke me up!  How rude!  Once I was finally awake, it was okay, but sheesh let me sleep! Max and I had a dance party before the hockey game.  By dance, I mean d-a-n-c-e!  Max actually does some dance moves and spins.  It's ridiculously cute, and I could dance with him forever.

We attended a game that night that would turn out to be a special game.  Mr. Shane Doan (Coyotes captain for you nonhockey folk) got his first ever hat trick (scored 3 goals)!!  Talk about excitement and happiness for a person that I've only said (squeaked) hi to at a holiday party 4 years ago.  Pretty cool!! 

Sunday we were lazy until we went to our friend's house to watch the Steelers game.  We were all Steelered out. Max proudly wore his #43 jersey.  The game was intense!  When the Steelers lost, let''s just say Max was not happy.  Toys were thrown, there was yelling and crying, and he was just down right pissed.  I'm pretty certain he said a few choice words about Tebow.  Oh, and you might be able to "Tebow", but Max does the Woodley Stomp.  Way cuter than "Tebowing". (In my opinion.)

Max Facts
-Max has been saying "woah baby!"  I'm not sure where he heard this, but it's so adorable.  I couldn't stop laughing the first time I heard him say it. :))
-Max knows how to "sshhhhh" you, but he puts his finger on his nose and blows and shhhes at the same time.  Then he'll creep up on you to scare you.  I must get video of this! 
-When it comes to eating sandwiches, he eats the inside and leaves the bread.  So we've stopped giving him bread for now. 

Max is a pretty amazing kid. 

Max was so ready for the game!

Crazy hair!  He's in need for a haircut!



Max was making some funny faces after his nap.  The last one just makes me giggle!  If you look closely you can see where he chipped his tooth. :(  Makes for a mean look though.  :)


Words With Max

It seems that every day Max says or does something new.  The words just keep flowing out of his little mouth.  Some words he's trying so hard to say, but come out as sounds jabbled together.  We can get the gist of it though, and we clap and cheer for him.  Elmo has gone from "Mo" to "Melmo" and just tonight he was saying it more clearly.  Probably because we read that darn book to him about 20 times a day!!

Ian taught him to raise his arms and yell "Touchdown!".  It sounds more like "Tadoonn!"  He also will throw his arms in the air and yell "goal!"   When he sees a Coyote he'll let out a little "ooowww".  At first I thought he was saying "ow" because he hurt himself, but then realized he was howling.  You should see him at hockey games.  Antonio and Alicia witnessed this first hand.  When Howler comes out, Max throws one hand in the air and holds up his pointer finger.  It's like he's saying Howler is #1.  He also bobs his head to the music.  When the Yotes come out, he does this first pump and moves to the beat of the music.  Awww, it's too cute.

He likes to throw his paci and tell whom ever is around to  "Geee it!"  It's pretty hilarious to see and hear.  However, not so funny when we're at Target and he throws it towards the bottom shelf.  I couldn't find it anywhere, and so we had to leave his beloved paci behind.  Luckily we have about 100 at home, so it wasn't a big deal.

Umm..so Daddy, what did you think of the game?

Max's favorite toy of the moment.  He can point to the green piece.
  It's very impressive!

THE book that Ian and I know by heart. 

Max is learning so much every day.  I love it!  I can't wait to hear him say "I love you Mommy." I think that day my heart will burst AND I'll  most likely cry.  ;)  Hope you all have a splendid week!  Back to work on Wednesday. (Boo!) 


Party Rock

Enjoy :)

Max party rocking.