Mr. Independent

There are days where I look at Max and wonder, where did my little baby go?  He's so independent now, and I love that about him, but it makes me a tiny bit sad.  I could watch him for hours playing with his toys where he actually plays now.  There are times where he is up to something, and he thinks about things and has this look on his face.  Then he actually tries his idea and is so proud of himself.  This happened when he emptied out his toy container/box thing.  He pushed it to the chair, and then slowly started his climb to get to the chair.  He was so proud of himself when he was standing up.  He puts his arms in the air and does this victory dance.  Then he realized he might fall, so he sat down.  Just like that.   He's a smart boy I tell you! 

He's been saying, "Tank yu." which melts my heart.  He'll sign please when he wants something (usually Mommy or Daddy's food) and then sign for more if it's something really good.   On Tuesday he had his 16 month checkup.  He was such a trooper.   He was happy and had no idea he was about to get 4 shots and 1 finger prick.  Ouch!  He cried and was saying, "Mama, mama, mama."  Break my heart.  Ian was there so he did the holding down.  Tough job.  After a few seconds he was fine, but I felt so bad for him so after we went to Wendy's and got a small frosty that we shared.  Being that I had strep, I let him eat his part first, then I had the yummy rest.  Max kept saying, "Mmmm." and signing for more.  He can't shake this double ear infections, so he's on a different type of antibiotics this go around, and we have to go back in a couple weeks (again!).

Oh and the doctor talked to us about the paci because we gave it to Max during the appointment.  She said, "You're going to get those looks from people because your child has a pacifier, but I'd rather it be a pacifier then them sucking on their thumb."  Okay, so maybe I didn't get her word for word, but that was her gist.  She also said that when we're ready to take it away to cut the top off and it won't be the same for him.  Then little by little you cut the sucky part shorter and shorter until it's not there.  I thought that was a brilliant idea! 

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