Weekend Adventures

From the top left going clockwise:
1. That's the new snazzy basketball court in the athletic center. Our friend Mike gave us the grand tour of the athletic center.  It was super nice! 
2. Family photo with the new snazzy court behind us.  The facility had the brand new car smell.  I could only take that smell for so long.  Bleh! We left and just missed seeing Flava Flav. (Did you say his name the way he says it?)
3.  Max was people watching at Planet Hollywood.  Need I say more?
4.  We went shopping at the outlet stores, and Max was tired after all his partying.
5.  Ian stayed out to 4:30 in the AM, and wanting to chat when he got back to the room about his winnings.  Let's just say I wasn't impressed and wanted to sleep.
6. Max looking at all the pretty lights from our room.

We walked from Treasure Island to Planet Hollywood and passed this lovely sight.

All in all we had a great trip!  We spent time with amazing friends.  Some we'll be seeing again in March when we go to  Lake Tahoe to celebrate Ian turning the big 3-0!

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