Woah Baby!

On Friday night Ian, Max, I and had a staycation in Scottsdale.  We stayed at a modern hotel called The Saguaro.  It was bright and funky.  Even the workers there oozed "cool".  We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, where I enjoyed every last drink of my Bloody Maria.  Yes, Maria.  It was made with tequila.  Soooo amazingly good.  Max was the only baby there, and he, or should I say Mr. Fussypants, was there in full force.  Poor little guy.  He has a double ear infection, and a molar is coming in.  Miserable he is, and it's so sad to see. :(  We go back to the doctor next week to check on his ears, and for a 16 month checkup.  The staycation though was a lovely night.  Nice to "getaway" sometimes.

Saturday Max woke up at 6:30.  Much too early for me, so when we ventured home I ended up taking a nap.  Ian had to wake me up because he had to go to work.  I was a grumpalump and couldn't believe that Ian woke me up!  How rude!  Once I was finally awake, it was okay, but sheesh let me sleep! Max and I had a dance party before the hockey game.  By dance, I mean d-a-n-c-e!  Max actually does some dance moves and spins.  It's ridiculously cute, and I could dance with him forever.

We attended a game that night that would turn out to be a special game.  Mr. Shane Doan (Coyotes captain for you nonhockey folk) got his first ever hat trick (scored 3 goals)!!  Talk about excitement and happiness for a person that I've only said (squeaked) hi to at a holiday party 4 years ago.  Pretty cool!! 

Sunday we were lazy until we went to our friend's house to watch the Steelers game.  We were all Steelered out. Max proudly wore his #43 jersey.  The game was intense!  When the Steelers lost, let''s just say Max was not happy.  Toys were thrown, there was yelling and crying, and he was just down right pissed.  I'm pretty certain he said a few choice words about Tebow.  Oh, and you might be able to "Tebow", but Max does the Woodley Stomp.  Way cuter than "Tebowing". (In my opinion.)

Max Facts
-Max has been saying "woah baby!"  I'm not sure where he heard this, but it's so adorable.  I couldn't stop laughing the first time I heard him say it. :))
-Max knows how to "sshhhhh" you, but he puts his finger on his nose and blows and shhhes at the same time.  Then he'll creep up on you to scare you.  I must get video of this! 
-When it comes to eating sandwiches, he eats the inside and leaves the bread.  So we've stopped giving him bread for now. 

Max is a pretty amazing kid. 

Max was so ready for the game!

Crazy hair!  He's in need for a haircut!

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