Brave Boy

I'm a big boy sitting all by myself!
Hey! That light thing looks cool.

Umm..what are you going to do with that?

Well the date has been set. Max will have his surgery to put tubes in his ears next week. Y'know, every time I heard tubes, I pictured a tube like a straw. Today when it was discussed I learned that they are super tiny. That made me feel better. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes and we'll be with him up until they do the actual surgery. (That part takes about 5 minutes.) I'll just be happy when it's all over!


Great Day

Look! A giraffe!!

Beep beep!

Mommy, I can't take a picture now.  My shoe fell off!

There's a turtle!

Woah! This is way cooler to drive!

Umm no, I want out.

Nom nom nom.



We had such a great day!  We spent the day at the zoo.  Seeing everything through Max's eyes was beyond fun.  He giggled when the flamingos were talking to each other, when the cow mooed, and he saw a turtle swimming.  Everything excited him.  I'm not a fan of the zoo, and yesterday that changed.  I loved it!  Max would point at all the animals he saw and tell us all about them in his gibberish with some recognizable words.  I see many trips back there as he gets older.

Afterwards we went to The Keg to have drinks and an appetizer.  Max tried crab cakes for the first time, and he loved every bite.  He even tried to eat those bites that were going into my mouth. 

We ended our fabulous day with a walk to get the mail.  What better way to check the mail then being pulled in your wagon?  He enjoyed the ride with his hockey stick in tow. 

We had a great family day.  I love spending time just the 3 of us.  With hockey season, most weekends Ian is working, but this weekend the Yotes were on a road trip.  (They won both games!)  So we definitely needed family time and to spoil Max with love and kisses.

Happy weekend!!


Afternoon Walk

The weather has been beautiful here in AZ.  When we got home yesterday it was too pretty not to be outside.   So Max and I got ready for an afternoon jog/walk. 

Goldfish- check!
Sippy cup with apple juice- check!
Paci- Check!

Water for me- Check!

We went walking along the main road of our neighborhood so there is traffic.  So here I am pushing a stroller with my child and a car passing by honks at me.  Eww.  I'm not sure what the car expected me to do.  Max on the other hand waved and said "Bye!"  Then we came across two teenagers who were in love.  I don't even think they noticed us, because they were too busy making out.  It was kind of awkward.  Max was just staring, and they just kept at it.  We crossed the road so we wouldn't have to pass by them again.  That would have just been weird. 

I think we have our nightly routine that we're going to be doing every night.  Around 7:45 Max took a shower.  Yes a shower, he's so over baths.  Once his shower was done, he got a sippy cup of milk, we looked at the stars, listened to Pandora and he was out by 8:15.  Not bad. 

I cannot tell you enough how much I love this turtle! 
I may love it more than Max! 

Happy Birthday to my Auntie Cari and cousin Janee!!  Here's to getting one year younger.  :) 


Happy Birthday

Today I woke up with a nagging feeling that I had something to do today, but I couldn't remember what. Then I'm at work changing the date on the board and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Today is Patrick's birthday. :( Thinking of him I get the thump in my throat, tears threaten to fall, and my heart goes out to my Uncle, Auntie, cousin, and his precious kiddos. He should be celebrating here with loved ones about turning one year older. Instead we're left here celebrating his first birthday in Heaven.

If you look at the picture of his sweet kiddos celebrating his birthday in Heaven, it leaves me speechless to see all the flowers and balloons on his resting place. All those lives he touched. He was one loved person.

Happy Birthday Patrick. May you rest in peace and always be in the hearts of your loved ones.


Bedtime Routine

What routine?  Our routine used to be Max drinking a sippy cup of milk, and then I'd rock him to sleep.  Easy peasy.  Enter present day and our little man wants to stay up late and play.  Our "routine" is laying in bed looking at the stars, listening to lullabies on Pandora, dancing, laughing, usually me falling asleep with Max.  As I typed that it doesn't sound too bad.  I just don't want our nightly routine to take an hour.  Tonight it actually took about 15 minutes before Max was sound asleep.  Maybe it will get better.

The turtle has 3 different color settings and has a timer.  Love!

Jack Johnson is a fav of ours that plays
on our Pandora station.

Have I mentioned that Max is obsessed with Fresh Beat Band.  I mean OBSESSED.  He'll hand me the remote and say "Besh Beat, pwease."  Melt my heart.  His manners are too adorable.  If only he would clean up his toys right after he dumps them out.  A mom can wish.  :)

In a couple weeks my mom is coming to AZ to watch Max for a few days while Ian and I go to Lake Tahoe.  A part of me is excited, but this is the first time that we're leaving him over night for more than one night.  I'm sad/nervous/worried all at once.  What if he cries the entire time?  Break my heart.  In reality I'm sure he's going to have a blast with his grandma, and I'm just a worry wort.  Mom I'm warning you now that I'll probably be texting you all day.

So spring break is in 2 weeks, and then 9 weeks left of school. NINE!  I am so ready for this year to be o.v.e.r.  I need a change stat people!  Dare I say I'm actually wanting time to go by....fast.



For Christmas Pap-pap and Mum-mum got Max a slide to set up in our backyard.  Today Ian put it together for Max.  Once it was set up, Max LOVED it!  He's a pro slider. :)

I'm ready to go down the slide!


Thank you Pap-pap and Mum-mum!


Hockey 24/7

Today Max has been inseparable from his hockey stick.  His hockey stick even came with us on our trip to Target.  If I took it out of his little hands for 2 seconds he would c.r.y.  He napped with it, ate with it, and watched the hockey game with it in hand.  I'm certain we have a future hockey player on our hands.

Let's go Yotes!!
Overtime?! Really?!

Hmm..I'll just hit this ball until the game comes back on.

Max was holding on to his hockey stick so tight.  When he was out cold, then
 I softly took it out of his death grip.

He even has the hockey hair...for now.


Hot Mess

Where are your eyes?

Where is your nose?

Where is your mouth?

Where are your ears?

The other night I started singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Max and he started doing the hand motions for the song.  It was flippin' adorable, and so I sang it again this time ready to record his cuteness.  He, of course, didn't feel like being on camera so he just clapped his hands.  He can also do hand motions for "Twinkle, Twinkle". 

The past few nights Max has been a little bit of a hot mess.  We think he's teething.  I can hardly wait until all his teeth are in and he won't have to go through the pain, and we won't have a hot mess on our hands.

I think we're all ready for the weekend.  Tonight Max's school is having Parents Night Out, so Max will be hanging out with his friends while Ian and I go on a date.  Hopefully Mr. Fussypants won't make an appearance and he'll have a good time. 

I hope you blogaholics have a fabulous Friday and weekend!!



Max shooting hoops with his Daddy. 


Valentine's Day

Real conversation with Ian.

Me: Did you get me something for Valentine's Day?
Ian: What's the date today?
Me: The 13th.
Ian: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day?!
Me: (laughing)
Ian: Did you get me something?
Me: Nope

End scene

I love Ian.  It's conversations like this that I love, and they make me giggle like a crazy person.  :)

In reality, I did get him a funny (not mushy) vday card, and as a family we're going to decorate some sugar cookies tonight.  Vday activities change once you're a family, and I love everything about that.  We have the best valentine: Max.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you're not only showered with love today, but EVERYDAY!


Where is it?

Max has this game where he'll put his paci in the couch, behind the cushion.  Then he'll hold up his little hands and say, "Where is it?"  Then Ian and I will pretend that we don't know.  Max will try to get it out from behind the cushions, and if he can't he then cries until we get it for him.  We do this over and over and over again.  Last night we even put a blanket so that Max couldn't put his paci in his hiding place, but that didn't work.  He figured it out and was so proud of himself, until he couldn't get his paci.  I'm not sure how this became a game, because it's not fun for Ian or myself.   :)

Happy Monday!  I hope this week goes by quickly for you, because let's face it...the weekend is so much better! 


Proud Wife

Max and I are so proud of you!!  We love you!

Coyotes Consumer Development Representative Ian Winklmann

Hits the Half Million Dollar Mark in Ticket Sales


Thursday, February 9th, 2012

GLENDALE, ARIZONA --- As of Wednesday, February 8, Coyotes Ticket Sales Representative Ian Winklmann became the first employee to reach the half million dollar threshold in ticket sales in recent years. The last person to achieve this milestone (without annual suites) was our own David Paris in the first year after the lockout. More recently, Mike Briody has achieved this milestone in annual suite sales. Ticket sales are categorized as Full Season, Partial Plan, Group Sales, Individual Tickets, and Coyotes Suite Rentals.

“On behalf of the entire Coyotes organization, I would like to congratulate Ian for all his hard work and dedication on reaching this milestone,” said Coyotes President and COO Mike Nealy. “Reaching the half million dollar mark in sales is an incredible accomplishment and we are all very proud and thankful for his efforts.”

Ian has been with the organization for almost four and a half years. Such a milestone is only achieved by building and retaining a base of customers and adding to that total year after year. Hard work and great service have been key in Ian’s progression to this point. In spite of having a wife (Jennifer) and little one at home (Max), Ian has spent countless nights and weekends in the office, organizing large groups and finalizing last minute ticket sales.

Maybe even more impressive than his sales, is the selfless approach he has taken to help new sales reps in the Coyotes family. Even when the craziest youth hockey parent is hounding Ian for Coyotes SWAG, he always finds the time to mentor those who need a hand.


Lesson Learned

Lesson learned.


ENT Specialist...Boo

Today Max had to go back to the doctor to check out his ears.  I should have known things weren't going to go our way when we had to wait for 45 mins to see the doctor.  Luckily there was a cute girl for Max to try to impress with his chair pushing skills.  It was adorable until he tried to run her over.  She giggled, but her mother (who was mean looking and could totally beat me up) wasn't impressed.  Max blew her a kiss to try and make up, but the flirting stopped there.

Once we got called back Mr. Fussypants decided to make an appearance.  The small room we were in wasn't big enough for the wrath of Mr. Fussypants.  With nowhere to go, he fell to the floor and cried crocodile tears.  Sad.   Then the mean doctor comes in and shoves the ear thing deep into his poor ear.  She really did put it deep in his ear, and he CRIED.  Well more like SCREAMED in pain, turned deep red, and just sobbed.  My poor baby.   I was close to joining in on the sobbing.  Bad news: He STILL has a double ear infection.  Bad news: He's on an even stronger antibiotic.  Bad news:  We have to go to an ENT specialist.  Bad news: He'll need surgery to put tubes in his little ears.  :(  Bad news.   I'm sure the whole procedure is nothing, and he's going to be just fine, but hearing "He'll need surgery."  Scary! 

Once we left and we were both safe in the car, I did indeed join in on the sobbing.  To top it off, my good eye is flippin red and I'm pretty sure it's stupid inflammation.  Stupid. 

Hey girl, want to see how strong I am?

I think I'll just lift this little chair.

Playing hockey in front of his fans. :)

Watch out Elmo!

Hi Mommy. <3


Max and Jax

This weekend Max and Jax were finally able to hang out.  They hadn't been together since Max was 4 months and Jax was 3 months....I think.  Every time we went to Cruces they were out of town, or when they came to AZ we weren't around.  We were finally in the same place at the same time.  When we got to my Aunt Diana's Max wasn't about being around people.  He didn't want to play and wanted to be by me.  We did get smiles out of him when Analise showed him pictures of Yo Gabba Gabba and TFFB.  He loved looking at Jax's Elmo book. When Jax got up from his nap we ventured outside and the boys loved the airplanes flying overhead.  It was too cute to see them stop what they were doing, point up to the sky, and talk about the planes. (By talk, I mean babbling that only they could understand.) 

I'm not sure how many planes they saw, but it was a lot! 

Max and Jax are growing up so fast, and it was great to see them together.  I wonder how it will be when they are older...if they will be the next "boys club".  Well really I guess the Tenorio Clan has the girls club, but I don't think the boys consider themselves to be in a boys club...that's probably uncool.   I'm excited to see how these two interact with each other when they are older, and the trouble they get in to.  I see Max being the trouble maker, and Jax being the one that tries to keep them out of trouble.  Guess we'll find out!

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Golf and Music

Yesterday was a b-u-s-y day for Max.  He went to the Waste Management Open with his Daddy to watch some golf.  He took his first bus ride, and sat in his own seat!  Then last night he went to his first concert!  We saw The Fresh Beat Band.  Ian dropped us off and when we walked into the Mesa Arts Center we were surrounded by hundreds of kiddos under the age of 5.  Adorable!!  You could feel the excitement.  We went to our seats which were in row F and we were super close to the stage!  While we waited for the show to start Max had fun climbing the seats and making friends with the people around us.

When the show started I don't know if Max knew what to make of it.  He sees these people on tv and here they were in front of him!  He was a serious little man who just wanted to watch.  Forget the dancing and jumping around.  He sat and just stared.  He would clap occasionally, and the last song (which is is fav) he did stand up on my lap and start dancing.  When the show ended babies were crying and so mad it was over.  Max had a blinky light thing and TFFB cd in hand, so he was a-ok.  He was so excited to see his Daddy after the show!

My Loves ready to watch some golf!

Max on his first bus ride!  

Max was ready for the show, but first...let's play!!

Our view of the stage.

The Fresh Beat Band. (You should have heard the little kids chanting:))

Mommy...I'm trying to watch the concert.

Umm..I see them on tv (at home)..how are they here? 

The Fresh Beats, aka the ones causing all the screaming.

Really Mommy?  

The kids went crazy when they threw the beach balls into the crowd, and actually so did the parents!

Sorry for the movement...we were dancing. ;)

We had a great day....