Afternoon Walk

The weather has been beautiful here in AZ.  When we got home yesterday it was too pretty not to be outside.   So Max and I got ready for an afternoon jog/walk. 

Goldfish- check!
Sippy cup with apple juice- check!
Paci- Check!

Water for me- Check!

We went walking along the main road of our neighborhood so there is traffic.  So here I am pushing a stroller with my child and a car passing by honks at me.  Eww.  I'm not sure what the car expected me to do.  Max on the other hand waved and said "Bye!"  Then we came across two teenagers who were in love.  I don't even think they noticed us, because they were too busy making out.  It was kind of awkward.  Max was just staring, and they just kept at it.  We crossed the road so we wouldn't have to pass by them again.  That would have just been weird. 

I think we have our nightly routine that we're going to be doing every night.  Around 7:45 Max took a shower.  Yes a shower, he's so over baths.  Once his shower was done, he got a sippy cup of milk, we looked at the stars, listened to Pandora and he was out by 8:15.  Not bad. 

I cannot tell you enough how much I love this turtle! 
I may love it more than Max! 

Happy Birthday to my Auntie Cari and cousin Janee!!  Here's to getting one year younger.  :) 

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