Bedtime Routine

What routine?  Our routine used to be Max drinking a sippy cup of milk, and then I'd rock him to sleep.  Easy peasy.  Enter present day and our little man wants to stay up late and play.  Our "routine" is laying in bed looking at the stars, listening to lullabies on Pandora, dancing, laughing, usually me falling asleep with Max.  As I typed that it doesn't sound too bad.  I just don't want our nightly routine to take an hour.  Tonight it actually took about 15 minutes before Max was sound asleep.  Maybe it will get better.

The turtle has 3 different color settings and has a timer.  Love!

Jack Johnson is a fav of ours that plays
on our Pandora station.

Have I mentioned that Max is obsessed with Fresh Beat Band.  I mean OBSESSED.  He'll hand me the remote and say "Besh Beat, pwease."  Melt my heart.  His manners are too adorable.  If only he would clean up his toys right after he dumps them out.  A mom can wish.  :)

In a couple weeks my mom is coming to AZ to watch Max for a few days while Ian and I go to Lake Tahoe.  A part of me is excited, but this is the first time that we're leaving him over night for more than one night.  I'm sad/nervous/worried all at once.  What if he cries the entire time?  Break my heart.  In reality I'm sure he's going to have a blast with his grandma, and I'm just a worry wort.  Mom I'm warning you now that I'll probably be texting you all day.

So spring break is in 2 weeks, and then 9 weeks left of school. NINE!  I am so ready for this year to be o.v.e.r.  I need a change stat people!  Dare I say I'm actually wanting time to go by....fast.

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