ENT Specialist...Boo

Today Max had to go back to the doctor to check out his ears.  I should have known things weren't going to go our way when we had to wait for 45 mins to see the doctor.  Luckily there was a cute girl for Max to try to impress with his chair pushing skills.  It was adorable until he tried to run her over.  She giggled, but her mother (who was mean looking and could totally beat me up) wasn't impressed.  Max blew her a kiss to try and make up, but the flirting stopped there.

Once we got called back Mr. Fussypants decided to make an appearance.  The small room we were in wasn't big enough for the wrath of Mr. Fussypants.  With nowhere to go, he fell to the floor and cried crocodile tears.  Sad.   Then the mean doctor comes in and shoves the ear thing deep into his poor ear.  She really did put it deep in his ear, and he CRIED.  Well more like SCREAMED in pain, turned deep red, and just sobbed.  My poor baby.   I was close to joining in on the sobbing.  Bad news: He STILL has a double ear infection.  Bad news: He's on an even stronger antibiotic.  Bad news:  We have to go to an ENT specialist.  Bad news: He'll need surgery to put tubes in his little ears.  :(  Bad news.   I'm sure the whole procedure is nothing, and he's going to be just fine, but hearing "He'll need surgery."  Scary! 

Once we left and we were both safe in the car, I did indeed join in on the sobbing.  To top it off, my good eye is flippin red and I'm pretty sure it's stupid inflammation.  Stupid. 

Hey girl, want to see how strong I am?

I think I'll just lift this little chair.

Playing hockey in front of his fans. :)

Watch out Elmo!

Hi Mommy. <3

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