Golf and Music

Yesterday was a b-u-s-y day for Max.  He went to the Waste Management Open with his Daddy to watch some golf.  He took his first bus ride, and sat in his own seat!  Then last night he went to his first concert!  We saw The Fresh Beat Band.  Ian dropped us off and when we walked into the Mesa Arts Center we were surrounded by hundreds of kiddos under the age of 5.  Adorable!!  You could feel the excitement.  We went to our seats which were in row F and we were super close to the stage!  While we waited for the show to start Max had fun climbing the seats and making friends with the people around us.

When the show started I don't know if Max knew what to make of it.  He sees these people on tv and here they were in front of him!  He was a serious little man who just wanted to watch.  Forget the dancing and jumping around.  He sat and just stared.  He would clap occasionally, and the last song (which is is fav) he did stand up on my lap and start dancing.  When the show ended babies were crying and so mad it was over.  Max had a blinky light thing and TFFB cd in hand, so he was a-ok.  He was so excited to see his Daddy after the show!

My Loves ready to watch some golf!

Max on his first bus ride!  

Max was ready for the show, but first...let's play!!

Our view of the stage.

The Fresh Beat Band. (You should have heard the little kids chanting:))

Mommy...I'm trying to watch the concert.

Umm..I see them on tv (at home)..how are they here? 

The Fresh Beats, aka the ones causing all the screaming.

Really Mommy?  

The kids went crazy when they threw the beach balls into the crowd, and actually so did the parents!

Sorry for the movement...we were dancing. ;)

We had a great day....

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