Hot Mess

Where are your eyes?

Where is your nose?

Where is your mouth?

Where are your ears?

The other night I started singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Max and he started doing the hand motions for the song.  It was flippin' adorable, and so I sang it again this time ready to record his cuteness.  He, of course, didn't feel like being on camera so he just clapped his hands.  He can also do hand motions for "Twinkle, Twinkle". 

The past few nights Max has been a little bit of a hot mess.  We think he's teething.  I can hardly wait until all his teeth are in and he won't have to go through the pain, and we won't have a hot mess on our hands.

I think we're all ready for the weekend.  Tonight Max's school is having Parents Night Out, so Max will be hanging out with his friends while Ian and I go on a date.  Hopefully Mr. Fussypants won't make an appearance and he'll have a good time. 

I hope you blogaholics have a fabulous Friday and weekend!!

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