Max and Jax

This weekend Max and Jax were finally able to hang out.  They hadn't been together since Max was 4 months and Jax was 3 months....I think.  Every time we went to Cruces they were out of town, or when they came to AZ we weren't around.  We were finally in the same place at the same time.  When we got to my Aunt Diana's Max wasn't about being around people.  He didn't want to play and wanted to be by me.  We did get smiles out of him when Analise showed him pictures of Yo Gabba Gabba and TFFB.  He loved looking at Jax's Elmo book. When Jax got up from his nap we ventured outside and the boys loved the airplanes flying overhead.  It was too cute to see them stop what they were doing, point up to the sky, and talk about the planes. (By talk, I mean babbling that only they could understand.) 

I'm not sure how many planes they saw, but it was a lot! 

Max and Jax are growing up so fast, and it was great to see them together.  I wonder how it will be when they are older...if they will be the next "boys club".  Well really I guess the Tenorio Clan has the girls club, but I don't think the boys consider themselves to be in a boys club...that's probably uncool.   I'm excited to see how these two interact with each other when they are older, and the trouble they get in to.  I see Max being the trouble maker, and Jax being the one that tries to keep them out of trouble.  Guess we'll find out!

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