Where is it?

Max has this game where he'll put his paci in the couch, behind the cushion.  Then he'll hold up his little hands and say, "Where is it?"  Then Ian and I will pretend that we don't know.  Max will try to get it out from behind the cushions, and if he can't he then cries until we get it for him.  We do this over and over and over again.  Last night we even put a blanket so that Max couldn't put his paci in his hiding place, but that didn't work.  He figured it out and was so proud of himself, until he couldn't get his paci.  I'm not sure how this became a game, because it's not fun for Ian or myself.   :)

Happy Monday!  I hope this week goes by quickly for you, because let's face it...the weekend is so much better! 

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