Friday Letters

I saw that one of the many blogs I follow (Don't forget I have admitted to being a blog whore) does this, and I decided to link up and participate in the fun!!

Dear Friday: I love you.  I'm sad that you only come once a week, but I'll take it!

Dear eyeballs:  I'm thankful for you...even though you stress me out and cause problems. Do eyeball transplants happen?  I'd really like to participate if possible.

Dear blogaholics: Thanks for reading my blog and reading about our adventures, (my) rants/complaints, and whatever else I feel the need to blog about.

Dear Max: I love you.  Your little trick you played on me last night scared the crap out of me, and wasn't nice.  I owe you one.

Max had been reading a book and I thought he had fallen asleep.  I took this picture
and then 2 seconds later he popped up and giggled.   He scared the heck out of me, and he
may have been laughing, but I tell you I'll get him back.  Then we'll see who is laughing! :)


Wednesday Love

I love that no matter how crappy of a day I can be having, just seeing a picture of Max or Max and Ian brightens my day.  The crappiness doesn't matter, they are what matter.  Both of them make me so HAPPY.

Pure LOVE.


Follow Up

We had Max's follow up appointment for his ears today.  We got there and the receptionist lady was not in a happy mood.  I wasn't impressed with her lack of kindness.  With a frown she asked what time my appointment was.  I told her 4:15.  When she checked, it said 3:45, which was my original appointment.  I was worried I'd be late so I rescheduled it for a later time.  Well whomever I spoke to this morning did not change the time.  So the lovely receptionist wasn't happy and told me I was late for my appointment and was going to make me reschedule.  Umm NO.  Luckily I had the voice mail from the lady who changed my time, and I ever so nicely told the receptionist that she could listen to the message.  She declined and said she'd see what she could do and then closed the glass on me.  Super nice lady I tell you!

About 5 minutes later we get called back.  Max of course freaked out and started to cry.  The room we went to had a window though, so I was able to distract him with the cars (caas), trees (tees), birds (birdie), and sun.   When Dr. A came in he quickly looked in both ears and confirmed that his ears looked fantastic!  I told him that Max has been a nonstop chatter box since the surgery, and the doc was happy.  We have to go back in 6 months.    We both left HAPPY.  As we were leaving we kindly smiled to the receptionist.  Maybe she was having a bad day....

Mommy, my ears are great!

This is how Max likes to get around and I love it!  He'll ask for my hand (han).
He's so grown up!

March MADness

Max during March Madness last year.  He had good posture even at 7 months!

This is how Max was watching basketball yesterday.  If you notice he's looking at me from the corner of his eye, because he knows he shouldn't be doing that.  I told him this, but before I had to snap a picture. :)  I tried my hardest to get him to be standing in front of the tv while watching the game, but he didn't feel like putting on a show.  Go figure! 

Quick Max Facts
-Wow.  Max will say this when he sees something cool.  He sounds just like Wally. (From the movie..Disney?)
-No.  Max shakes his no when ever he doesn't want to do something, which seems to be everything lately.  It goes something like this:

Me: Max do you want to take a shower? 
Max:Shakes head no. 
Me: Max do you need a new diaper? (He smells, so he does need a new one and he knows he does.) Max: Holds his behind and shakes his head no while slowly walking backwards. 

Usually when he shakes his head no, and I make him do whatever awful thing I asked him, it's usually a tantrum.  I always think I've seen the worst of his tantrums, but he always surprises me with something new.  Lately, he forces himself to cry, and he'll scrunch up his cute little face, make little fists, stomp his feet, or if I'm holding his hand he'll just drop to the ground.  Yeah, it's awesome.  I try hard not to laugh, because really it's just funny, but Max CANNOT know this. 

Max definitely is one opinionated little boy and he lets us know what he likes, doesn't like, wants to do, or doesn't want to do.  If he gets mad though, you just have to ask him for a kiss and he forgets that's he's mad.  It works every time. ;)

His Pap-pap and Mum-mum come to visit on Thursday.  We're all excited about this, and I know he's going to have some fun adventures ahead. 

Happy Monday! 


Squirmy Wormy

Friday we went to a spring training game at Camelback Ranch.  I hadn't been to this park yet, so I was excited.  It's super nice, and our seats were right behind the catcher!  We got there early so we walked around.  There was a band playing so we stopped to listen, and Max loved it!  The weather was beautiful and a perfect night to watch some baseball and fireworks after the game.  Before the game started they did 3 first pitches, yes 3!  The only one that sparked my attention was James Denton.  He plays..well played Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives. 

Max was a good boy and would point at the players and say, "Ball!"  He had a special treat of Italian Ice that he nicely shared with Mommy and Daddy.  When the fireworks started he did get a little scared.  He watched for a few minutes, but I covered his ears and he started to fall asleep.  Of course! 

Yesterday was Ian's BIRTHDAY!  We started off the day with Wink Burgers.  Yum-O!  Then we took Max to see his his first movie.  (Side story.  I told my mom this and she asked which movie.  I responded with Hunger Games.  She didn't say anything so I sent the "Haha, just kidding!"  She thought I was serious!  I think I would have traumatized Max.  I want to see it, but I promise I won't take Max to see it with me. :))  We saw Alvin and The Chipmunks.  Luckily there were only like 7 other people in the theater so if he decided that he didn't like it we wouldn't have disturbed a theater full of people.  When the previews started he was a little freaked out.  I mean, he was watching this huge screen and it was loud.   Once he got use to it, he was a-ok.  He did really well!  For the first hour he sat on my lap or Ian's  and watched.  Then he became a squirmy wormy and wanted to jump, go up on the chair, down on the chair, turn around to the people behind us and yell "HI!!!", jump some more, and sit by himself.  By them the movie was almost over.  So I'd say our first movie watching was a success! 

We then ventured to the mall without a stroller.  Big fat FAIL on our part.  I remember the mall use to be a fun place.  Now you're surrounded by little hookers in training.  The clothes and makeup these little girls are wearing.  Yikes!  We also saw the Easter Bunny, which was just as scary!  Max did say hi, but he liked saying bye bye better!  Our trip was a good one.  Max left with Nike shoes, and Ian left with a new watch.  Ian likes to collect watches like I like to collect purses. 

We ended the night with watching the Yotes play and having game night.  I'll just say that the girls dominated!  :) 

Baseball helmet-Check!
Hockey stick- Check!
Car for puck- Check!


Cone Heads

It's been 3 days of going back to work and it's been rough.  Not that the kiddos have been bad, but just getting up in the morning and actually going to work...that's the hard part.  I'm just so ready for school to be over, to pack up my room, and to say goodbye to that chapter of my life.  It's sooo close!!

I swear Max has grown so much in the past week.  When we tell Max to jump, he would bend his knees and stand up fast.  Then it turned into picking up one foot off the ground.  Now Max actually jumps!  Both his little feet leave the floor!  Him jumping might be video worthy. :)   He's also a chatter box!  We can see such an improvement since the tubes were placed in his ears.  I'm so happy we had the procedure done! 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love to see Max and Ian interact?  It melts my heart when I see Max walk up to him and crawl into his lap with a book.  There's a twinkle in both of their eyes and it just makes me love them both so much! 

Daddy I can do it to!

That face is priceless!

Ohhh!  I can make the cone stay on my head!

I think I'll just hold it.



The day came for our getaway, and when we left I was sad to leave Max behind.  We took him to school that day, so he had no idea what was going to happen when Grandma picked him up later that day.  I knew he was going to be fine, as was I, but still it was hard leaving. 

Once on the plane Ian and I started our getaway with some morning cocktails.  Yum!  We left beautiful weather for cold, rainy, and SNOWY weather!  I brought sandals...what was I thinking?!  We had an awesome time.  We gambled (a lot), ventured into downtown Reno (scary), saw the Broadway show Rain (entertaining for many reasons), ran in the rain (slippery in sandals), had a few too many adult beverages,  ate at a fancy, shmancy steakhouse (twice!), and slept in. 

Gambling....so I'm not much of a gambler, or so I thought.  I play the penny slots, which really turns out to be 50 cents to $1.00 depending on how much you bet.  I also like the interactive games.  My faves of the weekend were Breakfast at Tiffany's, Wizard of Oz, and the most fun...Yahtzee!  I probably look out of place to the true slotaholics.  I mean, they rub the machine, talk to it, and just act plain crazy.  I just push the button.  Boring.  I know. ;)   

Rain- It's a Broadway show paying tribute to the original boy band.  The Beatles.  Well, I'm not really sure if they are the original boy band, they were before my time.  The show was pretty good.  Watching the people in the audience was a little more entertaining.  There was one woman going crazy and acting like it were really THE Beatles on stage.  It was hilarious.  

Atlantis Steakhouse- This place was AH-MAZING.  We went there for dinner Saturday.  We sat down at our table and had not one but two severs.  They started off with bringing a wet washcloth that smelled of lemon to clean our hands.  The food was beyond delicious.  So delicious in fact that we went there last night for dinner again.  As much as we missed Max, it was nice to have a dinner just the two of us. 

When we saw Max at the airport it was awesome.  I swear he's grown!  He was full of smiles and giggles for us.  He had a wonderful time with his Grandma.  :) 

Look who we ran into!! Ian's parents were on a layover
on their way to Florida for a couple weeks.
 It was freezing outside!

Bubble Hockey!  I actually started off with 2 goals like 2 seconds apart,
but sadly fell behind and lost 4-2.  Boo!  Ian had bragging rights, but
I had never played before so really...how good is he?  :)

Such a sight to see when getting off the plane.

Look Mommy, no hands!


Nightly Entertainment

Who needs toys when you have the best toy around that doesn't cost anything?  Daddy!!  Max could have done this for hours, but Ian's legs could only go up and down for so long. Ian would go up, and Max would laugh in delight.  Then Ian would go down fast, Max would hold on for dear life, and we'd hear the occasional, "Woah!"     Our nightly entertainment.  :)

Happy Wednesday!


Green Paint

This week is spring break, and it's been wonderful so far!  I've been getting the house ready for my mom and catching up on laundry.   I've been taking Max to PCA for half days so I can get stuff done.  When I pick him up he's full of smiles, which lets me know he's having a good time with his little friends.  Today he had a blast and the evidence was all over him.  :)

Umm..I wasn't playing with green paint Mommy. 
I don't know what you are talking about....
My mama gets here tomorrow, and I'm so excited!  Well..I guess I won't be seeing her all that much, but I know Max is going to get s-p-o-i-l-e-d.  I'll be taking lots of pictures on our mini vacay.  Check back next week!


surgery with a little 's'

This morning, bright and early we made our way to Phoenix Children's Hospital for Max to have his surgery (with a little 's' because it was a small, quick procedure).   I was a nervous wreck and just wanted everything to be over with.  There were quite a few babies there so Max wasn't the only one getting tubes in his ears.  Is it bad that seeing those babies made me feel better?  I knew I wasn't the only mom going through the worry and nervousness, and it's a common procedure.

They took us back and Max immediately knew we were going to be seeing a doctor and started crying.  Rewind to Monday.  Max went to urgent care because he had another ear infection.  He had to get a shot of rocephin.  Wednesday he had to go see his pediatrician where he had to get another shot of rocephin.  Poor guy. :(  So you can imagine how he feels about doctors in general.  He loathes them and lets us know it! 

When they were going through the run down of what was going to happen I learned that they were going to take him back and we had to go back out into the waiting room and then come back after he woke up in recovery.  When the lady at the doc's office first explained it to us, she made it sound like we'd be back with him while they gave him the anaesthesia, they'd take him away for the surgery, and then he'd come right back to us.  So what this nurse lady was telling me didn't go with the picture in my head.  There was another baby in there before Max and so we saw how it worked.  The nurse came and took her away and mom went out crying.  I knew what to expect, but when the nurse came for Max, he not only cried but reached for us.  Break my heart.  I cried.  He was so scared and they just carried him off.  It's an awful picture left in your head. 

It was the longest 15 minutes ever.  Once he was done though, I went back to see him and the nurse was holding him.  He sees me and says, "Ah-mama." in an Italian accent.  Oh he made me laugh.  He was groggy and it was cute/funny.  He was also upset and wanted his Daddy.  He was such the little trooper though, and handled it well!  When we got home he fell asleep around 11:30 and slept until 3:15ish!  He woke up ready to play, dance, and a tad bit fussy.  I'll take it all though, because I just want his ears to be better.  :)

Why are you making me wear this hospital gown?  Can't it have Elmo on it?

Ooh this table is cool!

I can watch cartoons here?!
How we spent our afternoon. 


Postcard Swap

I love when you stumble across new blogs and you love them instantly.  I came across Jessica Lynn Writes and saw that she was doing this postcard swap.  I had to send her my blog and name and then she paired me up with another follower.  Of all the places in the world, where is my poscard pal from?!  ALASKA!  Those of you that know me, or have read my blog from way back when, know that Ian is from AK.  I was super excited to participate in the postcard swap! 

On Saturday I received my postcards in the mail!  It's always fun to get real mail!  Thanks Jessica for putting together the postcard swap, and thank you Nina for not sending me one, but two postcards! :)


Afternoon Nap

My way of watching the game!
I'm ready to play baseball Daddy and Mommy!

I think I'll just go play now!

You can't get me!
Family <3

Umm..this is boring Mommy.
I'll just take a little nap.



Where's Max?

Here I am!!!
I redid Max's bathroom today with some elephants.
My two Loves.  Doesn't Max look just like his Daddy?
On Tuesday we enjoyed watching the game with Rachel,
Eric, and Natalie!
This felt like the never-ending week.  It was just long.  I'm so ready to conquer next week (parent/teacher conferences) and ready for Spring Break!  Then not only do I get a week off, but Max will get to spend time with me and then his Grandma!  I'm getting a little nervous for Thursday....

Words of Max
-wow.  Everything Max's sees he'll say, "Ohhh wow." 
-water.  Max is all about drinking water and he'll ask for "a-wah".  He sounds like a bilingual baby. :)
-what's that? Max will point at everything and ask, "Whus that?"  Hearing him say what as whus is so cute.
-hi.  Max can say, "Bye-bye" very clear and his voice is full of excitement when he's saying it.  We've been working on hi, and every once in awhile he'll say a good, "Hiiiiiii!" and he'll stretch it out. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We're going to a spring training game tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll have pictures to share!