Where's Max?

Here I am!!!
I redid Max's bathroom today with some elephants.
My two Loves.  Doesn't Max look just like his Daddy?
On Tuesday we enjoyed watching the game with Rachel,
Eric, and Natalie!
This felt like the never-ending week.  It was just long.  I'm so ready to conquer next week (parent/teacher conferences) and ready for Spring Break!  Then not only do I get a week off, but Max will get to spend time with me and then his Grandma!  I'm getting a little nervous for Thursday....

Words of Max
-wow.  Everything Max's sees he'll say, "Ohhh wow." 
-water.  Max is all about drinking water and he'll ask for "a-wah".  He sounds like a bilingual baby. :)
-what's that? Max will point at everything and ask, "Whus that?"  Hearing him say what as whus is so cute.
-hi.  Max can say, "Bye-bye" very clear and his voice is full of excitement when he's saying it.  We've been working on hi, and every once in awhile he'll say a good, "Hiiiiiii!" and he'll stretch it out. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We're going to a spring training game tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll have pictures to share!

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  1. Since having a baby I started to love elephants! They're so cute and someone told me they're a sign of wisdom and good luck. :)

    Have a great weekend!