Follow Up

We had Max's follow up appointment for his ears today.  We got there and the receptionist lady was not in a happy mood.  I wasn't impressed with her lack of kindness.  With a frown she asked what time my appointment was.  I told her 4:15.  When she checked, it said 3:45, which was my original appointment.  I was worried I'd be late so I rescheduled it for a later time.  Well whomever I spoke to this morning did not change the time.  So the lovely receptionist wasn't happy and told me I was late for my appointment and was going to make me reschedule.  Umm NO.  Luckily I had the voice mail from the lady who changed my time, and I ever so nicely told the receptionist that she could listen to the message.  She declined and said she'd see what she could do and then closed the glass on me.  Super nice lady I tell you!

About 5 minutes later we get called back.  Max of course freaked out and started to cry.  The room we went to had a window though, so I was able to distract him with the cars (caas), trees (tees), birds (birdie), and sun.   When Dr. A came in he quickly looked in both ears and confirmed that his ears looked fantastic!  I told him that Max has been a nonstop chatter box since the surgery, and the doc was happy.  We have to go back in 6 months.    We both left HAPPY.  As we were leaving we kindly smiled to the receptionist.  Maybe she was having a bad day....

Mommy, my ears are great!

This is how Max likes to get around and I love it!  He'll ask for my hand (han).
He's so grown up!

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