Friday Letters

I saw that one of the many blogs I follow (Don't forget I have admitted to being a blog whore) does this, and I decided to link up and participate in the fun!!

Dear Friday: I love you.  I'm sad that you only come once a week, but I'll take it!

Dear eyeballs:  I'm thankful for you...even though you stress me out and cause problems. Do eyeball transplants happen?  I'd really like to participate if possible.

Dear blogaholics: Thanks for reading my blog and reading about our adventures, (my) rants/complaints, and whatever else I feel the need to blog about.

Dear Max: I love you.  Your little trick you played on me last night scared the crap out of me, and wasn't nice.  I owe you one.

Max had been reading a book and I thought he had fallen asleep.  I took this picture
and then 2 seconds later he popped up and giggled.   He scared the heck out of me, and he
may have been laughing, but I tell you I'll get him back.  Then we'll see who is laughing! :)


  1. im also thankful for fridays and my eyeballs! love it!

  2. ahaha! He pretended to fall asleep and then scared you!? That's hilarious! I probably would've freaked too :)