The day came for our getaway, and when we left I was sad to leave Max behind.  We took him to school that day, so he had no idea what was going to happen when Grandma picked him up later that day.  I knew he was going to be fine, as was I, but still it was hard leaving. 

Once on the plane Ian and I started our getaway with some morning cocktails.  Yum!  We left beautiful weather for cold, rainy, and SNOWY weather!  I brought sandals...what was I thinking?!  We had an awesome time.  We gambled (a lot), ventured into downtown Reno (scary), saw the Broadway show Rain (entertaining for many reasons), ran in the rain (slippery in sandals), had a few too many adult beverages,  ate at a fancy, shmancy steakhouse (twice!), and slept in. 

Gambling....so I'm not much of a gambler, or so I thought.  I play the penny slots, which really turns out to be 50 cents to $1.00 depending on how much you bet.  I also like the interactive games.  My faves of the weekend were Breakfast at Tiffany's, Wizard of Oz, and the most fun...Yahtzee!  I probably look out of place to the true slotaholics.  I mean, they rub the machine, talk to it, and just act plain crazy.  I just push the button.  Boring.  I know. ;)   

Rain- It's a Broadway show paying tribute to the original boy band.  The Beatles.  Well, I'm not really sure if they are the original boy band, they were before my time.  The show was pretty good.  Watching the people in the audience was a little more entertaining.  There was one woman going crazy and acting like it were really THE Beatles on stage.  It was hilarious.  

Atlantis Steakhouse- This place was AH-MAZING.  We went there for dinner Saturday.  We sat down at our table and had not one but two severs.  They started off with bringing a wet washcloth that smelled of lemon to clean our hands.  The food was beyond delicious.  So delicious in fact that we went there last night for dinner again.  As much as we missed Max, it was nice to have a dinner just the two of us. 

When we saw Max at the airport it was awesome.  I swear he's grown!  He was full of smiles and giggles for us.  He had a wonderful time with his Grandma.  :) 

Look who we ran into!! Ian's parents were on a layover
on their way to Florida for a couple weeks.
 It was freezing outside!

Bubble Hockey!  I actually started off with 2 goals like 2 seconds apart,
but sadly fell behind and lost 4-2.  Boo!  Ian had bragging rights, but
I had never played before so really...how good is he?  :)

Such a sight to see when getting off the plane.

Look Mommy, no hands!


  1. Sorry we missed you guys when you were SO CLOSE to us (well - a 5 hour drive away). Looks like you had a great trip though! Love the breakfast picture! :) Miss you three!

    1. We miss you three!! Give a big hug to Kaylee from us. :)