Squirmy Wormy

Friday we went to a spring training game at Camelback Ranch.  I hadn't been to this park yet, so I was excited.  It's super nice, and our seats were right behind the catcher!  We got there early so we walked around.  There was a band playing so we stopped to listen, and Max loved it!  The weather was beautiful and a perfect night to watch some baseball and fireworks after the game.  Before the game started they did 3 first pitches, yes 3!  The only one that sparked my attention was James Denton.  He plays..well played Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives. 

Max was a good boy and would point at the players and say, "Ball!"  He had a special treat of Italian Ice that he nicely shared with Mommy and Daddy.  When the fireworks started he did get a little scared.  He watched for a few minutes, but I covered his ears and he started to fall asleep.  Of course! 

Yesterday was Ian's BIRTHDAY!  We started off the day with Wink Burgers.  Yum-O!  Then we took Max to see his his first movie.  (Side story.  I told my mom this and she asked which movie.  I responded with Hunger Games.  She didn't say anything so I sent the "Haha, just kidding!"  She thought I was serious!  I think I would have traumatized Max.  I want to see it, but I promise I won't take Max to see it with me. :))  We saw Alvin and The Chipmunks.  Luckily there were only like 7 other people in the theater so if he decided that he didn't like it we wouldn't have disturbed a theater full of people.  When the previews started he was a little freaked out.  I mean, he was watching this huge screen and it was loud.   Once he got use to it, he was a-ok.  He did really well!  For the first hour he sat on my lap or Ian's  and watched.  Then he became a squirmy wormy and wanted to jump, go up on the chair, down on the chair, turn around to the people behind us and yell "HI!!!", jump some more, and sit by himself.  By them the movie was almost over.  So I'd say our first movie watching was a success! 

We then ventured to the mall without a stroller.  Big fat FAIL on our part.  I remember the mall use to be a fun place.  Now you're surrounded by little hookers in training.  The clothes and makeup these little girls are wearing.  Yikes!  We also saw the Easter Bunny, which was just as scary!  Max did say hi, but he liked saying bye bye better!  Our trip was a good one.  Max left with Nike shoes, and Ian left with a new watch.  Ian likes to collect watches like I like to collect purses. 

We ended the night with watching the Yotes play and having game night.  I'll just say that the girls dominated!  :) 

Baseball helmet-Check!
Hockey stick- Check!
Car for puck- Check!

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