surgery with a little 's'

This morning, bright and early we made our way to Phoenix Children's Hospital for Max to have his surgery (with a little 's' because it was a small, quick procedure).   I was a nervous wreck and just wanted everything to be over with.  There were quite a few babies there so Max wasn't the only one getting tubes in his ears.  Is it bad that seeing those babies made me feel better?  I knew I wasn't the only mom going through the worry and nervousness, and it's a common procedure.

They took us back and Max immediately knew we were going to be seeing a doctor and started crying.  Rewind to Monday.  Max went to urgent care because he had another ear infection.  He had to get a shot of rocephin.  Wednesday he had to go see his pediatrician where he had to get another shot of rocephin.  Poor guy. :(  So you can imagine how he feels about doctors in general.  He loathes them and lets us know it! 

When they were going through the run down of what was going to happen I learned that they were going to take him back and we had to go back out into the waiting room and then come back after he woke up in recovery.  When the lady at the doc's office first explained it to us, she made it sound like we'd be back with him while they gave him the anaesthesia, they'd take him away for the surgery, and then he'd come right back to us.  So what this nurse lady was telling me didn't go with the picture in my head.  There was another baby in there before Max and so we saw how it worked.  The nurse came and took her away and mom went out crying.  I knew what to expect, but when the nurse came for Max, he not only cried but reached for us.  Break my heart.  I cried.  He was so scared and they just carried him off.  It's an awful picture left in your head. 

It was the longest 15 minutes ever.  Once he was done though, I went back to see him and the nurse was holding him.  He sees me and says, "Ah-mama." in an Italian accent.  Oh he made me laugh.  He was groggy and it was cute/funny.  He was also upset and wanted his Daddy.  He was such the little trooper though, and handled it well!  When we got home he fell asleep around 11:30 and slept until 3:15ish!  He woke up ready to play, dance, and a tad bit fussy.  I'll take it all though, because I just want his ears to be better.  :)

Why are you making me wear this hospital gown?  Can't it have Elmo on it?

Ooh this table is cool!

I can watch cartoons here?!
How we spent our afternoon. 

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  1. Aww BIG cuddles for being such a brave boy x x