Holy Hot

This is going to be a long post, because we had a busy weekend. 

Saturday:  Our friend, Rachael, was in town for business and we were able to spend the day with her.  She's one of Ian's BFFs from college, and it was her first time visiting the state of AZ.  What better way to spend the day then at the Salsa Challenge in Tempe where we met up with the Rachel, Eric and Miss Natalie.  When we got there we lathered the babes up with sunblock, grabbed adult beverages, bags of chips, and we were ready to taste some salsa.  I will add that we even looked up the definition of salsa, because there were some "salsa" wannabes, but really corn, beans, and spices doesn't make a salsa.  The great state of New Mexico was there.  I was so excited to try the salsa that they had to offer.  I mean, it was going to be the real deal.  Authentic.  Umm...no.  It was mango salsa.  I was bummed and it wasn't liked by any of us salsa taste experts.  Rachel and Eric tried a salsa that was apparently hot.  I laughed and laughed at them.  How hot could it be?  My last taste of the day was going to be this "hot" salsa.  I take a bite and immediately I feel the heat.  Holy hot, I wanted to cut my tongue out.  It was beyond hot, it was a fire in my mouth and I was positive that I could breathe fire at any moment.  I think it was the salsa makers evil plan to torture people.   At the end of the day, that hot, awful, tongue scorching salsa was what I remembered.

Sunday: We took Rachael to the airport bright and early.  My FAVORITE chef from FoodNetwork was going to be in Scottsdale doing a book signing.  OMG.  I've known about this, but I don't know, I didn't think I would actually go.  She was signing at Kierland Commons.  Swanky little area.  The Ferrari Club was out in full force ready to show off their (hideously bright) cars and rev their engines.  Wow, I was like so impressed.  Lame.   We got there around 8:30 and Ian went to scope out the place and see what the deal was.  He found a line of hardcore Giada fans and asked them what the deal was, and came back with the goods.  I went and stood in line and I have to say I was beyond excited about this.  I stood in line for 4 hours, and yes that might sound crazy, but I wasn't the only one.  There were hundreds of people in line, and I was towards the front of the line, in the shade, so I had it easy.  I got my cookbook signed, and talked to Giada De Laurentiis.  The cookbook will be added to the collection, but tonight I'm going to make a few of the recipes for Ian.  :)

Last night was also Game 2 for the Yotes.  Max had a blast at the game.  He was a playful, silly, giggly boy.  I loved it, and it made watching the game so fun.  Well that and the fact that we WON    5-3 in regulation!  No overtime this game!  Woohoo!!!

Even better, I have today OFF.  I get to spend the whole day with Max.  I wonder what trouble we'll get into......

I had my cookbook and golden ticket!

Umm..who is this lady?

 Ian took Max to play while I stood in line.  He played in the grass..

sat front row to see Giada's Q&A...

and shared ice cream with his Daddy.

Ian was at the Q&A...He's a Giada fan as well..for different reasons. :)

Jen- that's me!

I love how into the game Max gets.  I love Max.


Root Beer Float

Mmm..those root beer floats look pretty good Miss Rachel.

Do you think I'll get one?

I got one, and boy is this good!

Umm...can I have another Mommy?

Round 2 Game 1
Yotes vs Predators
(In Coyote fashion, we won in overtime 4-3)

Hmm...when do you think I'll be able to lace up some
skates and go play with the big boys?

What a Friday!  Max had a fun week at PCA from making his own pizza, decorating cookies, playing in the mud, releasing hundreds of lady bugs into the wild, and ending it with a root beer float!  When I went to pick him up he had lady bugs crawling all over him.  Eak!  I know lady bugs are cute, blah blah blah, but I don't want them crawling on me.  Before we left Miss Rachel was handing out root beer floats.  Max was beyond excited and ate it/drank it right up! 

We quickly went home and got ready for round 2 of the playoffs for our beloved Yotes.  This series our seats are in a suite.  Max was having fun standing up and watching his boys warm up.  He watches them so intently and takes it all in.  He fell asleep during the 3rd and slept through most of the overtime, but woke up just in time to see the winning goal.  We screamed, we cheered, we high fived!  Happy way to end our night! 

I'll leave you with a pic I took the other morning.

I love seeing a break in the clouds, with sun shining through.
Makes me happy, makes me think of Heaven, makes me think of
loved ones in Heaven smiling down on us.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Round 2

  Max had some major fun at the water fountain yesterday.  He was majorly pissed when we told him it was time to go, but he quickly got over it when we said the two magic words. Ice cream.

Ian was feeding him, but Max decided he was too slow.  He grabbed his own spoon and took over.  He also tried to go after every bite Ian was taking. :) 

PS.  In case you all didn't know, the Phoenix Coyotes are going to the 2nd round in the playoffs.  I already said we're consumed with hockey, but the Yotes have a special place in my heart.  Ian has worked for them for almost 5 years, and they've had their ups and downs...maybe more downs.  To see the smile on his face tonight was pretty amazing.  To all my friends who work for the Coyotes, I'm so happy for you guys!!  You deserve a celebration of your own.  Looks like the playoff beard is here to stay, (For Ian..obviously.)

Happy Monday people!  



Friday night was Parents Night Out.  This happens once a month at Max's school.  It's a fun time for us parents and such a smart idea on PCA's part.  Max's night involved pizza and ice cream.  Our night involved sushi and a movie.

Oh wait, rewind, my school day ended with a 3rd grader yelling at me that I suck.  Not how I expected ending my week of work, but I told the lovely kiddo to have a great weekend and on Monday he'd be getting a referral.  He left one angry, huffing, and puffing kiddo.  I left with a smile.  See you tomorrow buddy!

Back to PNO.  We met up with the Michels and headed to sushi.  Ian and I have never had sushi.  Well I think once I had a California Roll, but really I could be making that up.  I don't remember.  Ian and I ordered an Avocado Roll...umm avocado...it has to be good!  California Roll...to refresh my memory and see if I really had this sucker.   Jalapeno Roll...I don't remember if this is what it was called, but it had jalapenos on it so we'll go with that.  AND a side of chicken fried rice in case we didn't like the sushi.  First they brought out this soup.  You sushi lovers know what I'm talking about.  Strike one with the soup.  Ewww... Our sushi came out and boy was it pretty.  Avocado Roll-strike 2.  I was shocked with this, but the seaweed was too salty for me and I couldn't get passed the taste.  California Roll-ok.  Jalapeno Roll-not a fan.  Chicken fried rice-yum.  The winners of the night-the sushi the Michel's ordered was beyond yummy so that's what we'll be ordering next time, and the Grape/Cherry bombers that Rachel and I drank up.  Well more like I drank up and she sipped on. ;)

We then went to see 21 Jump Street which my 3rd graders told me was hilarious.  Yes my 3rd graders.  We were a tad bit late and ended up in the front row.  Holy closeness.  My neck was pissed by the end of the movie.  Funny movie though.  NOT for 3rd graders. 

Fun PNO with the Michels and hoping we hang out with them more + the kiddos.

Saturday-Game 5 for the Coyotes who were leading the series 3-1.  ALL we had to do was win and the Blackhawks would be done for and we would go to round 2.  Sounds easy, but the Coyotes believe in hockey the hard way.  We lost in overtime.  In all 5 games that they've played, it's gone into overtime every single time.  Exciting?  Maybe the first time, but after 5 I need to dye my hair and get a good manicure. 

Today we're taking Max to play in the water fountain at Westgate.  Fun stuff!!  Hope you enjoy your Sunday!!

 It's all so pretty!

Next time I know what NOT to order.

Ready to wave my towel for the Yotes Mommy!

I love this sport.

So does Max, but he was one tired little man.



The past few days Max has been testing our patience.  He's seeing what he can get away with and just how far he can push us.  It's a test he's giving, and one he's failing.  Take for example Monday night.  He wanted water, so I gave him some in a cup.  He decided that he would rather stick his fork and hand in the cup, so naturally I took it away.   Max's reaction: Throwing his fork across the kitchen.  Mommy's reaction: Taking his food away. (I knew he was going to throw it.)  I then asked Max if he wanted his water, and he did, so I gave it to him.  He looks me dead in the eyes and turns his cup upside down and empties all his water in his tray.  I could just hear him saying, "F you mama."  Okay, he wouldn't say the F word, but he was saying some baby bad words in his head to me.  I picked him up and took him to his pack n'  play where he sat for a minute screaming bloody murder.  Once the minute was up, all was fine is the world.

Another example.  Smacking his hockey stick on the ground when he doesn't get something he wants.  My response to that lovely gesture: Taking his beloved hockey stick away.  Max's reaction: Slapping the wall with all his baby might.  Then I put his hockey stick in the forbidden room (office) where he won't play with it for the remainder of the night.  I know, I'm mean. 

Tonight-We're watching the hockey game and it's intermission.  A perfect time to give Max his shower, which he has come to hate...until he's actually in the shower and doesn't want to get out.  I laid him down to get undressed and he's fighting me, screaming, and he tries to gouge my left eye out.  At least he had the sense to attack my bad eye, but still it hurt like hell.  I could have gouged his eye back...eye for an eye mister, but I didn't.  I yelled for Ian to come take over so I could check my poor eye in the mirror. 

Don't let his cute, adorable looks fool you. 



This family has been consumed with playoff hockey!  The Coyotes were the Division Champions this hockey season and get home ice in the playoffs.  We 're playing the Chicago Blackhawks.   The first game was Thursday and Max and I were dressed in our white.  Max even got some clappers to keep him occupied. Max did pretty well at the game.  The loud noise scared him a bit, but he was ready to watch some hockey!  Well he watched 2 periods and then fell asleep during the 3rd period, thankfully missing the goal the Blackhawks scored with 14 seconds left.  He would have been pissed had he seen it.  The Yotes can't make things easy for themselves, and their slogan this season was "Hockey the hard way"..well they definitely showed that!  Luckily we won in overtime, which Max still slept through, but once we got home he was ready to party!  I, however, was ready for bed! 

I can't remember if  I mentioned it before, but Max isn't having his paci during nap time at school anymore, and at home he only had it once this past week.  He had a breakdown because we wouldn't let him watch I'm Elmo and I Know It.  I'm being so serious.  Other than that nada!  I did take it to the hockey game Thursday and will be taking it tonight as well.  If it's going to keep him calm so we can both enjoy the game, then so be it!

Last night I started Bikram Yoga with my friend, Mel.  Holy hotness.  I had done it before....about 4 or 5 years ago, but lordy had I forgotten what it was like!  I left the room feeling like I was dying.  They recommend you go 3 days in a row.  We went this morning, and today's class was really good! I left feeling good and not like I was going to pass out on the spot. I hope tomorrow's class is even better!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  I'll leave you with random pictures. :)

Max and Ian before Game 1 of the playoffs between
the Yotes and Blackhawks.  Go Yotes!

I came home from yoga to some beautiful flowers from my Loves.

The following pictures are courtesy of Max's Pap-pap. :)
Max playing at the water fountain at Westgate.

Checking out a spring training game.

(I'm not in the picture because I was at work. Boo!)


Happy Easter!!

We made a quick trip to Las Cruces to visit my family.  It was too quick, but I'm happy we got to see them and spend time with them.  :)

Max's godfather/uncle, Antonio, got him a mini golf set.  To say that Max loved it is an understatement.  He could have played with it all weekend if we let him.  We ended up having to hide it from him!  Max also loved Oreo, the family dog.  He just kept saying, "Doggie, doggie!"  He kept feeding him goldfish, so I think Oreo loved Max too.

This morning we went to church, which was packed.  Max and I ended up outside where we played on the steps.  By "we" I mean Max.  He just kept going down the steps, running up the grass hill, to go back down the steps.  We would count them, and would repeat the numbers.  He loves the number three, because he kept saying that number with some umph.  It was cute, and he had lots of fun.

We went back to my parent's house so that Max could hunt him some Easter eggs!  He got the concept right away, and would put one egg in his basket followed by "More?".   He had so much fun, and we had just as much fun watching him hunt for them. 

Happy Easter!!!


 Max was a pro Easter egg hunter! 

 On our quick trip Max, or should I say Mr. Fussypants also got to see his great-grandma.   He was attached to my hip, and wanted nothing to do with anyone there.  He was introduced to a video called I'm Elmo and I Know It.  I'll put it below.  :)  AND Max FINALLY got a hair cut.  Talk about torture.  He cried the. whole. time.  We were all glad when it was over!

Hope you all had an eggcellent Easter!  Haha!