Hunger Games

This weekend was an eventful weekend.  I started off my Saturday by watching Hunger Games.  I was so excited about it!  I went bright and early at 9:30, got my box of Raisenettes because it's never too early for chocolate, and enjoyed every single second of the movie.  I already want to see it again!  Max stayed home with his grandparents and went for a walk, played at the park, and then played more at home. 

We went out and about and then had dinner at Red Robins before the hockey game.  They sat us by the Red Robin statue thing and Max kept pointing at it and saying, "Birdie, birdie!"  He was beyond excited about the big Robin.  He also had fun throwing his crayons, which isn't okay to do, so he lost them.  He has a good arm, so we were impressed with his throwing, just not while we're at dinner.  :)

When we got to the hockey game he must have been tired, because he fell asleep, and slept through all the noise of cheering, chanting, and the horn going off because the Yotes scored 4 times. (Ducks didn't score at all!)  It's was an awesome game because one of the players, Whitney (aka The Wizard), got his 1000th point followed quickly by his 1001 point.  It was pretty awesome to see.   Last home game is tomorrow, but hopefully there will be playoff games in our future.

Yesterday we took Max to see the Easter Bunny at Westgate.  Okay, first of all the Easter Bunny isn't cute, he's creepy.  We already knew Max would be freaked out by him...I was freaked out by him.  His picture turned into a family picture because Max had a death grip on me and wouldn't let me go.  Afterwards Ian took him to play in the fountain, where he got soaked.  He loved every minute of it, but the mom in me wasn't happy that he got wet in his cute outfit.  We had brought a change of clothes for him to get wet in.  Oh well!   We went home for a little relaxation where Max put on a hockey show for us.  He's going to play hockey when he grows up.  You should see the one timers that he takes! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!  I only have a 4 day work week!  Yes!!

How do I look in Daddy's helmet? 

The blur is the puck flying!



  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures of Max are ADORABLE! I love the mini hockey outfit!

    1. :) Thank you!! He's beyond obsessed with hockey. He'll carry his stick around everywhere!

  2. Too cute! My son isn't all about Santa Claus, so why would I subject him to the Easter Bunny? ;) In other words, I think your son's death grip on you is a favorable reaction compared to what I would expect from my little one!