The past few days Max has been testing our patience.  He's seeing what he can get away with and just how far he can push us.  It's a test he's giving, and one he's failing.  Take for example Monday night.  He wanted water, so I gave him some in a cup.  He decided that he would rather stick his fork and hand in the cup, so naturally I took it away.   Max's reaction: Throwing his fork across the kitchen.  Mommy's reaction: Taking his food away. (I knew he was going to throw it.)  I then asked Max if he wanted his water, and he did, so I gave it to him.  He looks me dead in the eyes and turns his cup upside down and empties all his water in his tray.  I could just hear him saying, "F you mama."  Okay, he wouldn't say the F word, but he was saying some baby bad words in his head to me.  I picked him up and took him to his pack n'  play where he sat for a minute screaming bloody murder.  Once the minute was up, all was fine is the world.

Another example.  Smacking his hockey stick on the ground when he doesn't get something he wants.  My response to that lovely gesture: Taking his beloved hockey stick away.  Max's reaction: Slapping the wall with all his baby might.  Then I put his hockey stick in the forbidden room (office) where he won't play with it for the remainder of the night.  I know, I'm mean. 

Tonight-We're watching the hockey game and it's intermission.  A perfect time to give Max his shower, which he has come to hate...until he's actually in the shower and doesn't want to get out.  I laid him down to get undressed and he's fighting me, screaming, and he tries to gouge my left eye out.  At least he had the sense to attack my bad eye, but still it hurt like hell.  I could have gouged his eye back...eye for an eye mister, but I didn't.  I yelled for Ian to come take over so I could check my poor eye in the mirror. 

Don't let his cute, adorable looks fool you. 

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  1. I love reading your blogs so I can know what to expect! Plus they are always super funny. Note to self, don't let the cuteness fool me. Got it!