Root Beer Float

Mmm..those root beer floats look pretty good Miss Rachel.

Do you think I'll get one?

I got one, and boy is this good!

Umm...can I have another Mommy?

Round 2 Game 1
Yotes vs Predators
(In Coyote fashion, we won in overtime 4-3)

Hmm...when do you think I'll be able to lace up some
skates and go play with the big boys?

What a Friday!  Max had a fun week at PCA from making his own pizza, decorating cookies, playing in the mud, releasing hundreds of lady bugs into the wild, and ending it with a root beer float!  When I went to pick him up he had lady bugs crawling all over him.  Eak!  I know lady bugs are cute, blah blah blah, but I don't want them crawling on me.  Before we left Miss Rachel was handing out root beer floats.  Max was beyond excited and ate it/drank it right up! 

We quickly went home and got ready for round 2 of the playoffs for our beloved Yotes.  This series our seats are in a suite.  Max was having fun standing up and watching his boys warm up.  He watches them so intently and takes it all in.  He fell asleep during the 3rd and slept through most of the overtime, but woke up just in time to see the winning goal.  We screamed, we cheered, we high fived!  Happy way to end our night! 

I'll leave you with a pic I took the other morning.

I love seeing a break in the clouds, with sun shining through.
Makes me happy, makes me think of Heaven, makes me think of
loved ones in Heaven smiling down on us.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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