Round 2

  Max had some major fun at the water fountain yesterday.  He was majorly pissed when we told him it was time to go, but he quickly got over it when we said the two magic words. Ice cream.

Ian was feeding him, but Max decided he was too slow.  He grabbed his own spoon and took over.  He also tried to go after every bite Ian was taking. :) 

PS.  In case you all didn't know, the Phoenix Coyotes are going to the 2nd round in the playoffs.  I already said we're consumed with hockey, but the Yotes have a special place in my heart.  Ian has worked for them for almost 5 years, and they've had their ups and downs...maybe more downs.  To see the smile on his face tonight was pretty amazing.  To all my friends who work for the Coyotes, I'm so happy for you guys!!  You deserve a celebration of your own.  Looks like the playoff beard is here to stay, (For Ian..obviously.)

Happy Monday people!  

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