Friday night was Parents Night Out.  This happens once a month at Max's school.  It's a fun time for us parents and such a smart idea on PCA's part.  Max's night involved pizza and ice cream.  Our night involved sushi and a movie.

Oh wait, rewind, my school day ended with a 3rd grader yelling at me that I suck.  Not how I expected ending my week of work, but I told the lovely kiddo to have a great weekend and on Monday he'd be getting a referral.  He left one angry, huffing, and puffing kiddo.  I left with a smile.  See you tomorrow buddy!

Back to PNO.  We met up with the Michels and headed to sushi.  Ian and I have never had sushi.  Well I think once I had a California Roll, but really I could be making that up.  I don't remember.  Ian and I ordered an Avocado Roll...umm avocado...it has to be good!  California Roll...to refresh my memory and see if I really had this sucker.   Jalapeno Roll...I don't remember if this is what it was called, but it had jalapenos on it so we'll go with that.  AND a side of chicken fried rice in case we didn't like the sushi.  First they brought out this soup.  You sushi lovers know what I'm talking about.  Strike one with the soup.  Ewww... Our sushi came out and boy was it pretty.  Avocado Roll-strike 2.  I was shocked with this, but the seaweed was too salty for me and I couldn't get passed the taste.  California Roll-ok.  Jalapeno Roll-not a fan.  Chicken fried rice-yum.  The winners of the night-the sushi the Michel's ordered was beyond yummy so that's what we'll be ordering next time, and the Grape/Cherry bombers that Rachel and I drank up.  Well more like I drank up and she sipped on. ;)

We then went to see 21 Jump Street which my 3rd graders told me was hilarious.  Yes my 3rd graders.  We were a tad bit late and ended up in the front row.  Holy closeness.  My neck was pissed by the end of the movie.  Funny movie though.  NOT for 3rd graders. 

Fun PNO with the Michels and hoping we hang out with them more + the kiddos.

Saturday-Game 5 for the Coyotes who were leading the series 3-1.  ALL we had to do was win and the Blackhawks would be done for and we would go to round 2.  Sounds easy, but the Coyotes believe in hockey the hard way.  We lost in overtime.  In all 5 games that they've played, it's gone into overtime every single time.  Exciting?  Maybe the first time, but after 5 I need to dye my hair and get a good manicure. 

Today we're taking Max to play in the water fountain at Westgate.  Fun stuff!!  Hope you enjoy your Sunday!!

 It's all so pretty!

Next time I know what NOT to order.

Ready to wave my towel for the Yotes Mommy!

I love this sport.

So does Max, but he was one tired little man.

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