Teeth Are For Biting...

...your friends??  We have a biter on our hands folks!  Max didn't go to school for two days, then goes back and can't keep his teeth away from friends.  I'm not talking about biting once or twice, it's more like six or seven times!  What?!  How the heck did this happen?  Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and was going home early.  I leave only to get a call that Max has to be picked up from school because he bit quite a few friends.  My 20 month old had to leave school early.  Goodness.  Ian actually picked him up, and Max was in some t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  When I got home I went to talk with him, and he was sitting in his crib, head hung low, and he wouldn't look me in the eyes.  It was a sad sight for me, but his poor friends have his teeth marks on them.  We have no idea what to do.  He knew he was in trouble, and he couldn't watch FBB or play with his hockey stick yesterday.  I hope it's just a quick phase that will be over by Monday, and his little friends won't be afraid of him.  Fingers crossed.

Since he missed out on activities at school, him and I played with sidewalk chalk outside.  I didn't want his day to be too much fun, because he was sent home, but he needed to be outside for awhile. 

Max was working hard on his masterpiece.

Hmm..I think I'll draw on the wall.
Max's masterpiece, and his chalk broken because he threw it when I told
him not to draw on the wall......
Maybe I can put it back together.

Any of you mommies out there have advice for my biter?  He's not doing it at home, but I still want to make sure he understands that he can't be doing that at school. 

On a brighter note, I hope you all have a fabulous Easter!!  I'm pretty excited to watch Max hunt for Easter eggs.  :) 

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