Weekend Adventures

We were waiting for Ian to get off of work and Pap-pap let Max play with his phone.
He loved playing Angry Birds!

Walking with Pap-pap. :)

This was the first time that Max was going to ride in
the car and face forward in his carseat.  He LOVED
it and kept saying, "Woah" or "Wow" with everything
that he saw.  It was a perfect moment.

Do you like my new hat?

Cheering on the Yotes!


  1. Max again is adorable! I can't wait to put Judah forward facing, just to hear him say similar things (he has a fascination with cars) so I am sure he will either be saying Woah or that funny car noise he tries to make ha

    1. Forward facing is a milestone! It's so funny because I look at the streets and cars every day, but seeeing it through Max's eyes is pretty amazing. Everything is brand new to him. Such a fun age!