This family has been consumed with playoff hockey!  The Coyotes were the Division Champions this hockey season and get home ice in the playoffs.  We 're playing the Chicago Blackhawks.   The first game was Thursday and Max and I were dressed in our white.  Max even got some clappers to keep him occupied. Max did pretty well at the game.  The loud noise scared him a bit, but he was ready to watch some hockey!  Well he watched 2 periods and then fell asleep during the 3rd period, thankfully missing the goal the Blackhawks scored with 14 seconds left.  He would have been pissed had he seen it.  The Yotes can't make things easy for themselves, and their slogan this season was "Hockey the hard way"..well they definitely showed that!  Luckily we won in overtime, which Max still slept through, but once we got home he was ready to party!  I, however, was ready for bed! 

I can't remember if  I mentioned it before, but Max isn't having his paci during nap time at school anymore, and at home he only had it once this past week.  He had a breakdown because we wouldn't let him watch I'm Elmo and I Know It.  I'm being so serious.  Other than that nada!  I did take it to the hockey game Thursday and will be taking it tonight as well.  If it's going to keep him calm so we can both enjoy the game, then so be it!

Last night I started Bikram Yoga with my friend, Mel.  Holy hotness.  I had done it before....about 4 or 5 years ago, but lordy had I forgotten what it was like!  I left the room feeling like I was dying.  They recommend you go 3 days in a row.  We went this morning, and today's class was really good! I left feeling good and not like I was going to pass out on the spot. I hope tomorrow's class is even better!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  I'll leave you with random pictures. :)

Max and Ian before Game 1 of the playoffs between
the Yotes and Blackhawks.  Go Yotes!

I came home from yoga to some beautiful flowers from my Loves.

The following pictures are courtesy of Max's Pap-pap. :)
Max playing at the water fountain at Westgate.

Checking out a spring training game.

(I'm not in the picture because I was at work. Boo!)

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