Water Park FUN

It was beautiful out this morning so we decided to venture to the water park. It's a cute park that has a water pad for the kiddos to play on, buckets that fill up with water and falls on the kids, water guns, a water walk way, and a playground. We got there around 8:45 and there was one other mom there with her kids. We went at the perfect time, because when the clock struck 9 all the mommies and kids came out! It was crazy how fast the place filled up with people and screaming kids. I was kind of nervous of the older kids playing rough and maybe Max getting pushed around. Max owned the place. He was running around, laughing, jumping, screaming with joy, and shouting "wawa! wawa!" We stayed there an hour, and I tricked him by having him go down the slide. Then I scooped him up in a towel and whisked him away to the car....screaming and crying. Now he is fast asleep. I think we'll be visiting the water park once a week if not more. 

Can I sit by you Mama?


Woah, the water is shooting up!

This is so much fun!

Where did the water go?



I picked up Max from school yesterday, and he was still napping.  When I put him in the car he
was still a bit sleepy, but I had given him my sunglasses to play with, and he put them on.  When I looked back at him, this was the sight I saw!  I couldn't stop laughing!!  Then when we got home, and I thought he was asleep, he pulls off the glasses and says, "Hi, Mama!"  This kid melts my heart with his little voice. 

Happy Thursday!!  

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love summers?! 


The Spot

When Max plays with his toys he wedges himself in between a speaker and his bucket of toys.  He'll sit there and read, play with his toys, and make messes.  He still has the tendency to just  dump out his toys and then move on to the next thing he can get into.  

His "spot" where his imagination comes to life.

Uh, really Mommy?  Can't I just play with my toys?!?

He also has a table that my parents gave him for Christmas.  When we first put him in the seat, his little legs wouldn't touch the floor.  Now he can easily get on his chairs, by himself.  He pulls them all over the living room.  Lately, he'll pull one by his basketball hoop so he can sit and shoot some baskets.  He was a dare devil and tried to stand to dunk it, but we put a stop to that real quick!  Last night he sat there to play with a toy and he was making a little sound. It was too cute not to record.  :)

Another thing he's doing, but I'll have to get picture to share later, is walking on tip toes.  He'll just roam around on tip toes, or even run on tip toes.  It's cute, but of course I find everything he does cute!


Water Table, Trains, and a Horsey

Water table!!!
Max had a ton of fun pouring water on himself.  I think by
the end of playtime,  there was more water on him
then in the water table!

Sunday we stayed at the Valley Ho in Scottsdale.  Our plan was to hang by the pool and take Max swimming.  We go check in, and they are having a raging pool party...hookers included.  Okay, so they probably weren't hookers, but Max (and Ian) didn't need to look at that! Ha!  So instead we went to a Railroad park nearby, and Max LOVED it.  We rode the little train they had, and at first Max wasn't so sure about it.  Once it started though, he was waving at people and having a great time.  We also rode the carousel not once but TWICE.  Max had a blast and kept saying, "horsey".  He was one angry little man when he had to get off.

Once the pool party was over and all the scantly clad ladies were out of sight, we took Max to the pool.  There was one other family there with their little guy.  He was 3 and super cute.  He was convinced there were sharks in the pool.  Max had so much fun playing in the water.  Ian showed him how to jump in the pool, and that's all he wanted to do.  "More, more Daddy."  When he says it like that, how can you not let him jump in time after time. 

It was a fun and busy weekend!  Now we're trying to get into a schedule/routine.  This summer Max will be going to school for 3 half days.  While he's there I'll be going to Bikram Yoga, which isn't getting easier, and I still feel like I'm going to die.  I'm just so happy that I get to spend my summer with my little man.  I've already pinned a ton of fun activities for us to do on Pinterest.  I'm pretty excited!! 

Umm..are you sure this train is safe to ride??

Can I get a horsey?!?!

Where should we go Mommy? 

Click it, or ticket.  I know how to drive safe!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


Max and the Ocean

Toes in the Sand

Well...we ventured to LA to see the Coyotes play the Kings. I have to say, I don't think I'll ever do that again! At least not during the playoffs. Kings fans are SCARY! More of that later, first the beach!

When we got into LA we checked into our hotel and then went to Santa Monica Pier. When Max's feet touched the sand he was ready for a good time! He had so much fun, and I had so much fun watching him. When the water first came up around his feet, he was a tad bit scared, but then he had fun running away from the water. He was talking up a storm and laughing. It's the best feeling ever watching your child and seeing the joy on their face and hearing it in their laughter. We probably could have stayed there forever watching him, but we were all hungry. We found a chill little restaurant and enjoyed some good food.

Sunday we got up bright and early and made our way to Staples Center. We had to take the subway, which was a first for me. I realized that I could never be on the Amazing Race, because I would fail miserably. Max and I were sporting bright white Coyotes shirts. We stuck out quite nicely in a sea of black, silver, and purple. We had some people chirping at us, but nothing too bad. We hung around the Coyotes bench for warmups. Paul Bissonnette aka Biznasty2point0 on twitter, came out to check out the ice...well really I don't know what he was checking out, but he saw us. Gave us a fist pump and told us it was rally time! I heart him. Then when the guys were skating he came and threw a puck over the glass for Max, and then circled back around to make sure that Max had it. Max was so happy. He held it up and said, "Puck!". Towards the end of warmups he was even banging his little hands against the glass. That was by far my highlight of the day.

For the game we were sitting up in the 300s with the die hard, season ticket holders, they scared me with their stares, Kings fans. I sat there the entire game and did not move, or make eye contact with anyone. When Doaner scored twice, I celebrated in silence. When we WON the game, we waited a few minutes to let the King's fans trickle out. Then we had to get in the long line to get back on the subway. I was a nervous wreck. People were just glaring, and probably mentally wishing bad things upon us, but we safely made it back to our hotel. When we were safely in our car, we high fived and celebrated our Yotes winning!! All in all I'd say it was a good trip, minus the stressing out about the fans. I know we only won 1 game and we're still down in the series, but the next game is on home ice, and if the Yotes go out, I'm glad it will be on home ice. So Max not only ran in the sand, stuck his feet in the ocean, watched the Yotes play hockey the hard way, but he got a puck from #12 himself. Awesome trip.
Napping with Melmo and Gabba.

Uhh..Daddy pick me up!

Hey, the water goes out and comes back!

My heart.

Matching. <3

#12 in the background gave Max the very puck in his hand.

Thank you Biz.


#1 Fan

It's so crazy to think that Max started going to hockey games when he was just 4 weeks old.  He was so tiny, and had no clue what was going on around him.  I remember we sat in row C, and the refs stopped and asked how old Max was.  When he was 8 months he went to his first Whiteout and made it on the news dressed in his white.  Now he's soon to be 21 months and he's seen Shane Doan get his first hat trick, Ray Whitney get his 1000th point, Yotes becoming Pacific Division champs, and watching them in the Western Conference Finals.  Sunday he'll watch the Yotes play in Staples Center.  They might lose, and if they do he'll look back at all the pictures we've taken and think, "Wow, what a season."  Well...maybe he won't, but Ian and I will.   He also might see history be made and see a comeback...it could happen!
When the love for hockey began. :)

Look at me in my Yotes gear.

#1 Fan watching my boys!

Do I look like a Yotes player Mommy?

Can I please go play?!?

I can shoot the puck just like them!

I even have the same jersey as them!!

Wow we won the game!

I hope the Coyotes know how much I love them.

Whatever the outcome Sunday, I'm so excited to take Max to LA.  He's going to run in the sand, and put his feet in the ocean, and see his team play hockey the hard way. 



Mmm...this popsicle is good!

What does this side taste like?

Ohhh...it's cold, but so so yummy!

Happy Monday!


No Bueno

So Max and I just went out for a run.  Well I do the running and Max gets to sit back and relax and take in the slow sight seeing.  He has it easy, and yes I said slow.  Hey, at least I'm running. :)   It was cloudy out, dark scary clouds, but really I didn't think anything of it.  Umm..I looked to the left and there is a big dust cloud (aka haboob) coming our way!  I took off running and ran so fast to get home!  It came so quick!  One minute we're enjoying my run, and the next we're surrounded by blowing, dusty wind, and rain.  Yikes!  Max was frightened and I probably scarred him for life.  I'm not gonna lie, I was scared.  The wind was ridiculously strong and pushing the stroller back towards me.  Talk about a workout.  Note to self: When you see dark clouds in the sky, do NOT go running, especially with your child.

Once when I was younger my mom and I were taking a walk around my Grandma Grace's block. I can't remember if we lived in Las Cruces yet, or how young I was, but we got caught in a dust storm.  The word haboob wasn't around then.   Someone had to come pick us up because it was so bad!  Now when i think about it, I find it funny, but I don't think in the moment I was laughing about it. 

In brighter less traumatic news, the Coyotes made it to round 3 in the Stanley Cup playoffs!  We play the LA Kings.  I know you all were probably wondering since most of my blogs lately are about hockey.  ;)  We get to continue to be happy and cheer on the Yotes, and Ian gets to continue to grow his playoff beard.  You should hear his plans for when his facial hair when he starts to shave. (which won't be for awhile)  He's going to frighten little kids, but I will gladly take pictures and share with you all!  Just don't show your children.

THE handshake that you wait to see. 
Thankfully our guys are happy about THE handshake.

One of Ian's clients gave these to Max.   :)

So the video doesn't do the scary, make you run for your life,
dusty haboob justice.  Picture yourself trying to get your fitness
on with your soon to be 21 month old and this happens...no bueno.


Max's Mom

We all know that Max loves his hockey.  That he eats. breathes, and sleeps hockey.  I know he's only 20 months, but the kid knows how to hold a hockey stick, take one timers, and run with the stick while hitting the ball around.  It's crazy to see!  We need to get this boy on the ice! 

Taking one timers and having a blast!

Riding in style while at our favorite store. 

Everyday Ian and I are so thankful for Max.  He's one special little boy who makes our days brighter, filled with more love and laughter.   I love being a mom.  I love being Max's mom. 

I hope you all have lovely weekend!