#1 Fan

It's so crazy to think that Max started going to hockey games when he was just 4 weeks old.  He was so tiny, and had no clue what was going on around him.  I remember we sat in row C, and the refs stopped and asked how old Max was.  When he was 8 months he went to his first Whiteout and made it on the news dressed in his white.  Now he's soon to be 21 months and he's seen Shane Doan get his first hat trick, Ray Whitney get his 1000th point, Yotes becoming Pacific Division champs, and watching them in the Western Conference Finals.  Sunday he'll watch the Yotes play in Staples Center.  They might lose, and if they do he'll look back at all the pictures we've taken and think, "Wow, what a season."  Well...maybe he won't, but Ian and I will.   He also might see history be made and see a comeback...it could happen!
When the love for hockey began. :)

Look at me in my Yotes gear.

#1 Fan watching my boys!

Do I look like a Yotes player Mommy?

Can I please go play?!?

I can shoot the puck just like them!

I even have the same jersey as them!!

Wow we won the game!

I hope the Coyotes know how much I love them.

Whatever the outcome Sunday, I'm so excited to take Max to LA.  He's going to run in the sand, and put his feet in the ocean, and see his team play hockey the hard way. 


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