No Bueno

So Max and I just went out for a run.  Well I do the running and Max gets to sit back and relax and take in the slow sight seeing.  He has it easy, and yes I said slow.  Hey, at least I'm running. :)   It was cloudy out, dark scary clouds, but really I didn't think anything of it.  Umm..I looked to the left and there is a big dust cloud (aka haboob) coming our way!  I took off running and ran so fast to get home!  It came so quick!  One minute we're enjoying my run, and the next we're surrounded by blowing, dusty wind, and rain.  Yikes!  Max was frightened and I probably scarred him for life.  I'm not gonna lie, I was scared.  The wind was ridiculously strong and pushing the stroller back towards me.  Talk about a workout.  Note to self: When you see dark clouds in the sky, do NOT go running, especially with your child.

Once when I was younger my mom and I were taking a walk around my Grandma Grace's block. I can't remember if we lived in Las Cruces yet, or how young I was, but we got caught in a dust storm.  The word haboob wasn't around then.   Someone had to come pick us up because it was so bad!  Now when i think about it, I find it funny, but I don't think in the moment I was laughing about it. 

In brighter less traumatic news, the Coyotes made it to round 3 in the Stanley Cup playoffs!  We play the LA Kings.  I know you all were probably wondering since most of my blogs lately are about hockey.  ;)  We get to continue to be happy and cheer on the Yotes, and Ian gets to continue to grow his playoff beard.  You should hear his plans for when his facial hair when he starts to shave. (which won't be for awhile)  He's going to frighten little kids, but I will gladly take pictures and share with you all!  Just don't show your children.

THE handshake that you wait to see. 
Thankfully our guys are happy about THE handshake.

One of Ian's clients gave these to Max.   :)

So the video doesn't do the scary, make you run for your life,
dusty haboob justice.  Picture yourself trying to get your fitness
on with your soon to be 21 month old and this happens...no bueno.

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