The Spot

When Max plays with his toys he wedges himself in between a speaker and his bucket of toys.  He'll sit there and read, play with his toys, and make messes.  He still has the tendency to just  dump out his toys and then move on to the next thing he can get into.  

His "spot" where his imagination comes to life.

Uh, really Mommy?  Can't I just play with my toys?!?

He also has a table that my parents gave him for Christmas.  When we first put him in the seat, his little legs wouldn't touch the floor.  Now he can easily get on his chairs, by himself.  He pulls them all over the living room.  Lately, he'll pull one by his basketball hoop so he can sit and shoot some baskets.  He was a dare devil and tried to stand to dunk it, but we put a stop to that real quick!  Last night he sat there to play with a toy and he was making a little sound. It was too cute not to record.  :)

Another thing he's doing, but I'll have to get picture to share later, is walking on tip toes.  He'll just roam around on tip toes, or even run on tip toes.  It's cute, but of course I find everything he does cute!

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