Last post I was feeling sorry for myself because of my eye.  Well...I went to the doctor and sure enough I have a case of iritis.  I have to dilate my good eye and put a steroid drop into my eye at least 6 times a day.  I'm a pro at the steroid drop, but I hate dilating my eye.  For one my eye gets super sensitive to light.  I wear two pairs of sunglasses when I'm outside.  I'm fashionable, what can I say?  Also, I can't read anything close because the letters get blurry.  Umm...no texting, checking facebook, pinterest, twitter, email....what the what?!  Thankfully I can zoom in on the computer a gazillion percent so I can read! I have to go back to the doc in a couple weeks.  Oh well!!

This weekend we went to the Beachy's to visit, and it was so ridiculously cute to watch Max play with Maddi.  We had a tea party, and Max pretended to eat and drink from a cup.  He even threw in some, Mmmmmms. and Yums for good effect.  Maddi sang her heart out for us, and Max was a bit frightened, but he tried to sing too.  I also learned a little bit about cloth diapering because Laura is using them with Nolan, and I am fascinated!  Definitely something I want to try in the future.

We leave for our trip Thursday, and we're so excited!  I'm really looking forward to getting to see more of Canada and go exploring, and of course seeing Spencer and Brenda!  I checked the weather here for the next week and it's supposed to get to 115...in Vancouver it's going to be in the 60s and in Alaska it's going to be in the 60s low 70s.  Yay!!!!  Goodbye yucky, sweaty, heat! Hello normal, enjoyable, I want to be outside (but I might be cold) weather!  I love Alaska in the summer time.  It always reminds me of when Ian proposed....awww.  We get to spend the 4th with Pap-pap and Mum-mum.  Auntie Nicole hasn't seen Max since he was 4 months old!  Max will get to play with his cousins.  Oh the fun!  So I may be MIA for awhile, but it's because we're off on exciting adventures, but expect some posts when I get back!

Umm...Mommy did you really just paint me?

So it's okay to paint myself and not the paper?!


Eye Store

I'm in one of those moods where you feel sorry for yourself.  At the moment I'm down in the dumps.  I'm feeling so down that I'm having trouble finding the good in my darn eyeballs.  I've mentioned before my eye troubles.  Let's get to the point.  My. Eyes. Suck.  My good eye is acting up.   I think it just has a case of iritis.  It's red, hurts, and is sensitive to light.  All would be okay if I could find my stupid glasses, but I cannot.  So when I'm putting drops in my eye, I can't wear my contact, which then leaves me blind.  Well not really blind, but I can't see that well.  Max is totally taking advantage of my blind state and making a mess of things, because he knows I can't tell what he's doing.  He's trying to be all cute by running to me and giving me big hugs and kisses to distract me from squinting my eyes and trying to see what he's up to.  I have an appointment tomorrow with some random doctor who is going to ask me about my eye history.  Then I'm sure I'll hear how he's never seen a case like mine before, like it's something cool and exciting.  There will be poking, bright lights that seriously feel like they are scorching my nerves at the back of my eye...but there better not be bad news.  I wish I could exchange my eyes.  Go to the Eye Store and pick out a lovely pair with 20/20 vision.  I mean, we have phones that talk back to us, can't the geniuses in the world do this for me?   Maybe one day.  For the next few minutes I will continue to feel sorry for myself, but then once this is posted I'll stop.  I forget in the middle of my eye problems there are people who are 100% blind, and they probably aren't feeling sorry for themselves at this moment. 

Max is being awfully quiet which means trouble.  Until next time...I promise it will be a happier post. 



Warning: Proud wife post.  There may be bragging ahead.  By may be I mean there is. 

On Monday Ian was given the news that he was now going to be the Inside Sales Manager.  Woot woot!!!  He told me, and I of course had to tell the world!  I was a happy, proud, I want to tell the world this great news wife.  Where to share this news for the world to see?  Facebook.  Only the news wasn't official yet, and he forgot to tell me that little piece of news. Oops.  So I had to take down the post, and away went the likes and comments with it.  Boo!  I felt super bad though because 1) I didn't want him to get in trouble, and stripped of his newly manager status.  2) I really didn't want him to get in trouble!!  I was so worried afterwards, and I kept apologizing to him.  

Now the news is official so I can share!  I've seen first hand how hard he's worked to get where he is.  I saw his presentation he had prepared (I hired him after seeing it. Ha!), and he has passion for his job.  It's pretty awesome.  So yes, I will brag about how amazing my husband  is during this post, because I am SO PROUD of him!

Max and I are so very proud of you Ian, and all your hard
work. You are an amazing Daddy, husband, and now you'll
 add manager to that list! Keep working hard!!


Blue Hands

For Father's Day, I wanted to do a craft with Max.  He's does them at school all the time, so I figured it would be a piece of cake.  We started off my getting him stripped down to his diaper.  We were going to be using blue paint, and I didn't want that all over his clothes.  I painted his hands, and he said, "ohhhhh wow."  We put his little hands on the paper and his hands came out perfect, and then he put his hands down again.  I said (maybe yelled), "Noooooo!"  Then after that getting his perfect hand prints were impossible.  How the heck do his teachers get his little hand prints for the crafts they make?! After 5 tries I was done with this "fun" crafting, and Max was done with the blue paint! 


4 Years

  4 years ago today I married my best friend.  I became a Winklmann.

Clockwise from top left:
1.My Mama is putting on my veil. 2. I was officially dressed and ready to get married! 3. My soon to be husband with his boys.  How handsome! 4.  This was after we were married.  I love how I was looking at him, and then him at me.  Look at those smiles! 5. Our first dance to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. 6.My girls who stood beside me that day! My sister was so little!

Clockwise from top left:
1. Our first kiss as husband and wife!  2. Posing in the park for our pictures. 3. Haha..no words.
4. Cutting our funfetti cake and about to feed each other.  I'm not gonna lie, I
thought he was going to get it all over my face. 


Happy Anniversary Ian!!!  I'm so happy I said, "Yes!" when you asked me to marry you, and when I said, " I do." (No exclamation because I didn't yell in church.)  in front of God, our family, and friends.   It has been an amazing 4 years, and I'm so excited to see what our future holds.  To many, many more years with you!  I love you!!

When I showed Max these pictures, he pointed at Jaden and said, "Max!"   Oh my boy....



Good Shot

It felt like this weekend we kept Max busy with activities to do, and it was so fun.  We had a great weekend.  Yesterday was full of playing with toys, water table, golf, and more water table. 

Toys-last week I packed up most of Max's toys, because 1.)he has a lot, and 2.) a lot of toys just means a huge mess for me to clean up.  So I made the mess smaller!  He also has some toys in his room that he'll play with.  It's funny, because he'll be in his room and he'll gasp and say, "Oohhhhh!!!!"  He acts as if he's never seen the toy before, and that it's the coolest thing he's ever seen.  Shoot, if we're going to get this type of reaction, maybe I'll just swap out his toys for the toys packed up and he'll think he's getting something new every time! 

Water table- the kid loves his water table.  It has this tube thingy in the center that he throws little balls into and they swirl down and fall out into the water.  Sometimes they get stuck, and Max has learned to say, "Stuck Mama, stuck!" He also tries to drink the water from his table...hey he's thirsty!  Big ole' ewww to that!  Playing with- okay.  Throwing toys into-sure why not.  Pour/splashing on himself-sure go ahead. Drinking the water even though he has his water cup next to him-NO,

Golf- for Easter his Uncle Antonio had given him little kiddo golf clubs.  We took Max to the grassy area across from our house.  It was soooo cute!  I know I say a lot of things he does is cute, but this was beyond cute.  He pulled his little golf clubs as we crossed the street,  grabbed a club, and then let loose!  The kid can hit a golf ball!  It was so funny too see him hit the ball, and then run after it to hit it again.  He took off his little hat while he was running, because it would fall over his eyes and he couldn't see.  Ian would tell him, "Good shot!" so then Max would say that after most hits.  :)  Cute I tell you!!

Let's go play golf!

My clubs are so cool.

So this is how I hold the golf club Daddy?

Woah that's a big swing!

Max takes golf seriously.

How was my swing Daddy?

I wanted to keep playing golf!!! 

Love, love, love.


Sweetest Sound

Yesterday we went over to Westgate to let Max play in the water fountain.  We got there a tad bit early and Max kept asking for, "wawa?"  He new it should be going, but it wasn't.  Turns out it doesn't start until 10:00 on weekends, not 9:00.  Boo.  Luckily it was beautiful out, and Max entertained himself with his hat.  He would throw it up in the air, kick it, and go run to get it where it landed.  He even made a friend.  A cute little boy named Julian wanted to play.  Max would throw his hat, and Julian would pick it up for him.  They did this a few times.  It was really cute.

When the water started, we heard squeals of excitement.  Max loves the water.  If there was a word that meant more than love, then that's how Max feels about water.  He was brave this time and would go right into the center of the fountain and the water would shoot up all around him.  He used his hat to fill with water and then would put it on his head.  He was a jumping, screaming, water ninja (karate chopping the water) loving kiddo, and I loved watching every minute of his excitement. When we left I was ready for a huge tantrum. Surprisingly he just said, "Bye-bye wawa!" and off we went.  :)

The remainder of the day we hung out at home.  He drew, colored with markers (himself that is), read books (which is the sweetest sound.  He'll sit there on the floor and look at pictures and talk to himself.), read with me (well more like tried to take over the magazine I was looking at.  What's mine is his.), and we watched game 5 of the Stanley Cup.  We would yell at the tv, and Max would run over to us scared.  We apparently get too into the game.

Anyways, I hope you all are having an adventurous weekend!!

Let there be water!!

Where's Max?

Hmm...wonder if my hat will fill with wawa?

Is this where the water comes out?

What's that?

Uh, Mommy can I have my magazine?


Honest Thoughts

I've tried sitting down and writing this post a few times, and I always end up deleting it.  Not because it's going to be controversial, drama filled, I'm going to stop reading this blog type of post, but because it's just my honest thoughts and feelings.

When I was growing up I always wanted a big family.  I'm talking like 10 kids, house full of chaos, never a dull moment big family.  I was an only child until I was almost 13..not that I felt like an only child.  I had cousins my age that I grew up with and they were like my brothers and sisters. We even fought like brothers and sisters.  Just ask my cousin, Janee, when she tried to steal my awesomely, cool white, high heeled, ankle boots. 

I don't know why the number in my head was 10, but it stuck there.  Then of course when I met Ian and the topic of kids came up further into our relationship, he didn't want 10 kids.  What the heck?!  He wanted 2.....2!  How about we meet in the middle at 5?  No?  Okay, 2 it is.  I'm okay with that too.  Shocker coming from someone who wanted 10 kids.

The other night Max was asleep, and we were watching the news.  The news is always full of depressingly sad stories, or ones that scare me and I go turn on the alarm and make sure the doors are locked....or make Ian do it because I am perfectly fine (and safe) sitting on the couch.  A story came on about an adorable 4 year old girl.  They flashed a picture of her, and she was beautiful.  She had a smile on her face that I'm sure lit up a room.  Sadly, she died at the hands of her mother and her mother's boyfriend.  I know there are stories like this all the time, and every time I hear them it makes me sick.  There are so many people in the world that want to have children, and cannot for what ever reasons.  Then you have people having children who don't deserve to be called mommy or daddy.  The children they bring into the world deserve to be loved and instead they abuse them, hurt them, and some kill them. 

After watching that story, I was in tears.  I told Ian I want to be foster parents (maybe adopt).  It makes me so, so sad to think about the children that need to be loved, to feel love. I have love to give people, and there are so many children out there to love.

So there you have it, my honest thoughts....A little too serious for you?  Need to smile?

Max and I worked on a special gift for Daddy. 
More to come later with that, because it's a secret!



Pardon Max's hair, but he just woke up from a nap....

Hmm..I think this straw works better than my fork.

I think I'll use a straw to eat from now on Mommy.

I'm thirsty....

Oh wait, let me clean it!



Water Slide

This morning PCA had an open house that included a water slide and snow cones!  Of course we were going to take Max.  He met up with his BFF Brady, and the boys were going to go down the water slide.  I think us parents wanted them to go down the water slide more than they wanted to.  Does Max not know I need pictures for my blog?! 

Honestly, when they said water slide, I pictured this little slide for the kids to go down.  When we actually saw it, it was this ginormous slide.  Parents had to accompany the little ones, because there was no way they were going down by themselves.  Plus a little pool of water formed at the bottom of the slide, and Max would have for sure gone under.   

Daddy we're going down the slide?!

Weeeee!!!! (I can't tell whether it's pure
 excitement or fear on Max's face.)
Woah that was fun, can we go again Daddy?

Max went down the slide a total of 3 times.  I don't think Ian was a fan of getting soaked in his clothes, but he was a trooper for Max.  We got Max a bubblegum flavored snow cone to distract him from the slide.  He had a yellow car painted on his arm, and the snow cone kept him distracted for that as well.  I think anytime I need to keep him distracted I'll get him a snow cone...maybe I'll invest in a snow cone maker.  Kidding.

In other exciting news, our trip to Alaska is booked!!  We are also taking a side trip to visit Brenda and Spencer in Canada.  I hope this time I'll get a darn stamp in my passport!  I'm pretty excited about seeing Vancouver.  I think I'll sport my Coyotes shirt while there.  Maybe.  :)

Oh, Ian and Max made a fort today while I took a nap.  Max destroyed the fort, so I was unable to capture the cuteness on camera.  Next time.

Happy weekend!!  Can you believe it's already June?!