Warning: Proud wife post.  There may be bragging ahead.  By may be I mean there is. 

On Monday Ian was given the news that he was now going to be the Inside Sales Manager.  Woot woot!!!  He told me, and I of course had to tell the world!  I was a happy, proud, I want to tell the world this great news wife.  Where to share this news for the world to see?  Facebook.  Only the news wasn't official yet, and he forgot to tell me that little piece of news. Oops.  So I had to take down the post, and away went the likes and comments with it.  Boo!  I felt super bad though because 1) I didn't want him to get in trouble, and stripped of his newly manager status.  2) I really didn't want him to get in trouble!!  I was so worried afterwards, and I kept apologizing to him.  

Now the news is official so I can share!  I've seen first hand how hard he's worked to get where he is.  I saw his presentation he had prepared (I hired him after seeing it. Ha!), and he has passion for his job.  It's pretty awesome.  So yes, I will brag about how amazing my husband  is during this post, because I am SO PROUD of him!

Max and I are so very proud of you Ian, and all your hard
work. You are an amazing Daddy, husband, and now you'll
 add manager to that list! Keep working hard!!

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