Good Shot

It felt like this weekend we kept Max busy with activities to do, and it was so fun.  We had a great weekend.  Yesterday was full of playing with toys, water table, golf, and more water table. 

Toys-last week I packed up most of Max's toys, because 1.)he has a lot, and 2.) a lot of toys just means a huge mess for me to clean up.  So I made the mess smaller!  He also has some toys in his room that he'll play with.  It's funny, because he'll be in his room and he'll gasp and say, "Oohhhhh!!!!"  He acts as if he's never seen the toy before, and that it's the coolest thing he's ever seen.  Shoot, if we're going to get this type of reaction, maybe I'll just swap out his toys for the toys packed up and he'll think he's getting something new every time! 

Water table- the kid loves his water table.  It has this tube thingy in the center that he throws little balls into and they swirl down and fall out into the water.  Sometimes they get stuck, and Max has learned to say, "Stuck Mama, stuck!" He also tries to drink the water from his table...hey he's thirsty!  Big ole' ewww to that!  Playing with- okay.  Throwing toys into-sure why not.  Pour/splashing on himself-sure go ahead. Drinking the water even though he has his water cup next to him-NO,

Golf- for Easter his Uncle Antonio had given him little kiddo golf clubs.  We took Max to the grassy area across from our house.  It was soooo cute!  I know I say a lot of things he does is cute, but this was beyond cute.  He pulled his little golf clubs as we crossed the street,  grabbed a club, and then let loose!  The kid can hit a golf ball!  It was so funny too see him hit the ball, and then run after it to hit it again.  He took off his little hat while he was running, because it would fall over his eyes and he couldn't see.  Ian would tell him, "Good shot!" so then Max would say that after most hits.  :)  Cute I tell you!!

Let's go play golf!

My clubs are so cool.

So this is how I hold the golf club Daddy?

Woah that's a big swing!

Max takes golf seriously.

How was my swing Daddy?

I wanted to keep playing golf!!! 

Love, love, love.

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