Honest Thoughts

I've tried sitting down and writing this post a few times, and I always end up deleting it.  Not because it's going to be controversial, drama filled, I'm going to stop reading this blog type of post, but because it's just my honest thoughts and feelings.

When I was growing up I always wanted a big family.  I'm talking like 10 kids, house full of chaos, never a dull moment big family.  I was an only child until I was almost 13..not that I felt like an only child.  I had cousins my age that I grew up with and they were like my brothers and sisters. We even fought like brothers and sisters.  Just ask my cousin, Janee, when she tried to steal my awesomely, cool white, high heeled, ankle boots. 

I don't know why the number in my head was 10, but it stuck there.  Then of course when I met Ian and the topic of kids came up further into our relationship, he didn't want 10 kids.  What the heck?!  He wanted 2.....2!  How about we meet in the middle at 5?  No?  Okay, 2 it is.  I'm okay with that too.  Shocker coming from someone who wanted 10 kids.

The other night Max was asleep, and we were watching the news.  The news is always full of depressingly sad stories, or ones that scare me and I go turn on the alarm and make sure the doors are locked....or make Ian do it because I am perfectly fine (and safe) sitting on the couch.  A story came on about an adorable 4 year old girl.  They flashed a picture of her, and she was beautiful.  She had a smile on her face that I'm sure lit up a room.  Sadly, she died at the hands of her mother and her mother's boyfriend.  I know there are stories like this all the time, and every time I hear them it makes me sick.  There are so many people in the world that want to have children, and cannot for what ever reasons.  Then you have people having children who don't deserve to be called mommy or daddy.  The children they bring into the world deserve to be loved and instead they abuse them, hurt them, and some kill them. 

After watching that story, I was in tears.  I told Ian I want to be foster parents (maybe adopt).  It makes me so, so sad to think about the children that need to be loved, to feel love. I have love to give people, and there are so many children out there to love.

So there you have it, my honest thoughts....A little too serious for you?  Need to smile?

Max and I worked on a special gift for Daddy. 
More to come later with that, because it's a secret!


  1. Nice to "meet" you :) I've had adoption or fostering on my heart lately too... my youngest will turn 3 in September, and I miss babies!!!!!!!

  2. Aw stories like that always make me cry and even worse are the ones about poor neglected children I wish I could adopt them all and make thier life better! x x